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Check out some cutting-edge stand-up comedy with our fantastic comedy night vouchers. One Wish comedy pass covers club entry for up to eight people, so you can bring along a gaggle of mates (or a gaggle of geese, but mates will probably be less messy).

Enjoy your night out at a Ministry of Comedy club in Birmingham, Portsmouth, London, Leeds, Glasgow, Cardiff and many other hilarious cities around the UK, any night from Thursday until Sunday. Sorry, little Jimmy, due to the possibility of ‘blue’ jokes you’ll need to be 18 or over to attend a comedy night.


Q: Comedy? I love comedy! Listen to this: HAR! HAR! HAR! HAR! HAR! HAR! See?
A: I do indeed. That couldn’t have been louder.
Q: So what chuckles do you have in store for moi?
A: How about a hilarious and fun filled night out at a top comedy club?
Q: Sounds all right I suppose, are they any cop?
A: This is Jongleurs, one of the finest names in British comedy with a reputation with top class acts, delicious food and available booze.
Q: Will I know who I am getting in advance?
A: You can talk to our supplier when booking the date to see who they may have lined up, but it depends how far in advance you order the experience. The acts may not be finalised, but we are sure they will be HILARIOUS.
Q: Where is a Jongleur?
A: There are three clubs in Bristol, Cardiff and Nottingham, where we offer this rip roaring night out.
Q: Do I get fed?
A: Depends on the experience you decide to go for. One includes a meal, while the other doesn’t but food and drink will be available for purchase.
Q: Great, because as a 14 year old I obviously love to drink.
A: Sorry, you do have to be over 18 years old to do this thing.
Q: What if I suddenly and violently change my mind?
A: All cancellations, without exception, must be made by 3pm on the day of the show.
Q: What if I wish to be entertained, but don’t want the danger of being picked on by a man in a loud shirt?
A: Then have a bash at one of our theatre experiences. You’ll get the chance to see a top West End show, with the possibility of a swanky dinner or even posh hotel stay included.

Fun Facts

  • 1. Monty Python star John Cleese’s original family name was Cheese. Cheese Cleese? Now that’s a comedy name.
  • 2. In his first appearance in a Batman comic, the Joker was originally planned to die at the end and never be seen again. Then who would I vaguely look like for Halloween every year?
  • 3. Starting from 425BC, Aristophanes wrote 40 comedies, 11 of which survive and are still being performed. It is not known if Only Fools and Trojan Horses was one of his.
  • 4. The word clown is believed to come from the Icelandic word ‘klunni’, meaning a ‘clumsy person’. So does that make George Clooney a clown or a clumsy person?
  • 5. The full name of Krusty the Clown in The Simpsons is Herschel Shmoikel Pinchas Yercham Krustosky. They’re crazy, I’d love to tune into The Herschel Shmoikel Pinchas Yercham Krustosky Funtime Variety Hour. If only to make use of my widescreen TV.
  • 6. The world's oldest joke has been traced back to a 1900BC Sumerian saying: "Something which has never occurred since time immemorial; a young woman did not fart in her husband's lap". I take it the BC stands for ‘Before Comedy’.
  • 7. Jim Carrey‘s film about Andy Kaufman, Man on the Moon, featured his real-life Taxi co-stars Marilu Henner, Judd Hirsch, Danny DeVito, Christopher Lloyd and Jeff Conaway. Playing themselves not each other, that would be weird.
  • 8. The first comedy film is thought to be ‘Watering the Gardener’ by the Lumiere Brothers from 1895 which lasts 49 seconds. I imagine one critic claimed, ‘even though this is the first comedy ever, I found it predictable and derivative’.
  • 9. In 2007, Jimmy Carr became the first comedian to perform in cyberspace with show in the Second Life simulation game. Let’s hope that backstage, after the show, he didn’t pick up a computer virus from a fan.
  • 10. The longest stand-up comedy show by an individual is 40 hours and 8 minutes by The Midnight Swinger aka David Scott on 29-30 April 2013. The one that felt the longest was that open mic I went to in Rhyl where that man did impressions of John Wayne and Basil Fawlty for 35 minutes.