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Dancing Experience Days

Old or young, we have a dance experience to suit everyone! If you’ve always fancied having a go at dancing but you don’t know your tango from your salsa, pick up a voucher for a dancing class and encourage your nearest and/or dearest to come along.

Dancing is great exercise, and all classes are conducted in groups, so you’ll meet new people too. If your kids have been inspired by Louie Spence and Andrew Stone, book them a taster session at the legendary Pineapple Dance Studios in London and see if they have what it takes to become a star.


Q: Dancing? Check this out... yah-da-dah-da-de-dah-dee-doo!
A: Wow. That was really something. Don’t take this the wrong way, but have you considered some light dancing tuition?
Q: Me? But didn’t you see this? Yah-da-dah...
A: Please don’t do that again. All I’m suggesting is a session at our Introductory Dance Taster.
Q: What happens there?
A: Expert tutors will instruct you in a number of dance disciplines, including ballroom, tango, salsa and a whole host of others.
Q: Just me and them?
A: No, you delightful scamp. There’ll be a great big group of you and you’ll get to switch partners throughout the lesson. We’ll make it as fun and sociable as possible.
Q: But you’ve seen my dancing, I mean I put on a brave face, but let’s face it I’m no Tony Blair?
A: Possibly you mean Lionel Blair? That’s fine, these lessons are geared for everyone, from the novice to the dancefloor king.
Q: And if I get a taste for it and want more, more, more?
A: Great! You should be able to book further lessons with your instructor and at the location in which you are displaying your singular moves.
Q: Speaking of location, where are these located?
A: We have a myriad of places up and down the country, so there is sure to be one sort of near you.
Q: And if I have a child?
A: This introductory dance class is for over 18s only, but we do have a fabulous Junior Taster Lesson at Pineapple Dance Studios, where they can be trained in either singing, dancing or drama.

Fun Facts

  • 1. The world record for the longest conga line was set by 119,986 people in Miami in 1988. It may have been an extensive toilet queue that got out of hand, we’re not sure.
  • 2. The Foxtrot may have taken its name from actor Harry Fox, who popularised the dance. Not because, as I thought, you look like a small mammal with gastric problems when you try to perform it.
  • 3. Rapper Tupac Shakur attended the Baltimore School for the Arts, where he took acting and dancing classes, including ballet. So really he should have been called Tutu-pac.
  • 4. The ‘Dancing Plague’ of 1518 was a mania that killed dozens of people in Strasbourg, France through exhaustion or heart attack. But it’s still not as bad as Disco Fever – that could be really nasty.
  • 5. The largest ballet class involved 989 participants in South Africa during August 2008. It is thought if they all pirouetted at once, the building was liable to take off like a helicopter. (This is not true).
  • 6. In 2004, Mötley Crüe singer Vince Neil served as Grand Marshall of the World’s Largest Chicken Dance in Cincinnati. I presume that’s the largest number of people rather than one big chicken who dances. Though I’m not sure which would be better?
  • 7. During the Victorian era, the waltz was met with opposition because the close clinch of the dancers was considered improper. They were right! Just a few decades later we had the Lambada on our hands. You see how these things happen?
  • 8. Saturday Night Fever was based on a magazine article by writer Nik Cohn, who later confessed that the story had been completely fabricated. So there’s no such thing as Saturday night? So when have I been watching X Factor while eating Haribo and crying, tell me that Mr Cohn?
  • 9. In 1996, a crowd of 50,000 people danced the Macarena in New York’s Yankee Stadium. Which was dangerous as there are plenty of baseball bats lying around that place.
  • 10. On October 11, 2012, an estimated 4,000 people twisted along with Chubby Checker, surpassing the previous Guinness World Record for The Twist. My personal record for ‘Saddest Twist Ever Undertaken’ has yet to be verified by the authorities.