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Singing Experience Days & Gifts

Ready to flex those vocal chords outside the comfort of your own shower? Treat yourself to a professional recording session and make your own demo CD with a dedicated engineer!

You can pick a backing track or bring your own, and your track will be professionally mastered and ready to send off to Simon Cowell. Probably. Our recording session vouchers can be used by kids and adults and locations are dotted around the UK.

Good singing is optional, although it probably helps if you know your sharps from your flats. Anyone over the age of 8 is welcome to participate!


Q: Oh but I love to sing, I simply love to sing. My dream is to sing non-stop, all the time, even at the foundry I work at. Can you help?
A: That is why I am here. Ignore the electronic tag. We want to get those many dulcet tones of yours onto some form of recorded disc at a top music recording studio.
Q: Say it ain’t so! How does it work?
A: We have a number of recording experiences to choose from, but basically you go into the studio, lay down your tracks and have a professional technician record and mix the results. Then you get a CD to take away with you, that features your vocal cords appearing all proper singer like.
Q: Do they throw a song at me?
A: No, you get to pick the number. They have a massive amount to choose from, but if it’s something obscure you may need to pay extra to get it shipped in or you could bring along your own backing track, if you wish. They may need some notice to get hard to find tracks. Just ask the supplier or contact us if you’re unsure about this.
Q: How long do I get?
A: It depends which experience you go for, but with our standard one, you’ll be in there for an hour, which will include selecting the track, laying down your vocal, mixing it and mastering it.
Q: Will the person there be nice to me?
A: Of course! What sort of operation do you think we’re running here? These are professionals used to people of all skill sets. They can help you sound great and even assist in selecting the song that is perfect to you.
Q: And I suppose this so called recording studio is in Old London Town, where all the music bigwigs live when they are not on their private islands with Sinitta?
A: Nope, we have studios waiting for your golden throat up and down the UK. There should be one near you.
Q: And if my child could well be the next Harold Faltermeyer?
A: This studio recording experience is for anyone 8 years old or over. We also have a Junior Taster experience at Pineapple Dance Studios, where they can concentrate on either singing, dancing or even drama, should they feel the sway of Hollyoaks.
Q: That sounds straight up their alley – give me the deats?
A: It’s for kids aged 5 to 17 and they get 3 hours expert tuition in the discipline they decide to pursue. A great way to get them on the road to X Factor or, to a lesser extent, Britain’s Got Talent.

Fun Facts

  • 1. Stevie Wonder partially lost his sense of smell after a car crash in 1973. So he immediately changed the title to the song he was working on ‘My Cherie Odour’.
  • 2. The world's fastest rapper is Ricky Brown, rapping 723 syllables in 41.27 seconds on his track No Clue, in January 2005. Do the syllables have to make sense? If not, I reckon I could beat that.
  • 3. Since its launch in 1981 the song Memory from the musical Cats has been played on radio more than a million times. Which is odd, as I don’t remember ever hearing it?
  • 4. Guess Things Happen That Way by Johnny Cash was the 10-billionth track to be sold on iTunes in February 2010. I don’t know what the first one was but I imagine it being some nerd at Apple trying to push his Jam-Band’s music.
  • 5. In 1978, Sweden’s most profitable export was ABBA, with Volvo at number two. But how many hit films featuring Pierce Brosnon singing have Volvo had? Zero, until I sell my script.
  • 6. When singer Zarsanga performs in public, fans routinely mark the choruses of her most popular Peshto-language song with a mass shotgun-firing. Which must really bring the house down.
  • 7. In 1857, Leon Scott found a way to record sound onto paper that had been blackened with candle wax, calling his invention a ‘phonoautograph'. Which still sounds better than music coming out of a mobile phone on a bus.
  • 8. The first song recorded by Jon Bon Jovi was called ‘R2-D2: We Wish You a Merry Christmas' for a Star Wars Christmas album. What, no ‘CP3-O Come All Ye Faithful’?
  • 9. The Japanese national anthem has only four lines, while the Greek one has 158 verses. Is it American Pie, because that’s pretty long? Though probably not, as it’s got American in the title.
  • 10. Termites will eat wood twice as fast when heavy metal music is playing. While Ozzy has been known to eat termites twice as quickly at heavy metal concerts.