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Pop Taster Experience (1 Hour)

Be the next Cher Sinitta or Stockhausen with this 1 hour recording session
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  • Record a song with the professionals.
  • Choose any backing track to lay down.
  • Bring a track of your own.
  • Take home the finished track on CD.
I think it was Madonna who sang ‘Music…’ and then some other words. Here’s your chance to be Madonna or her male equivalent Falco with this professional recording session.

You’ll have 9000 songs to choose from. Real songs like ‘Pump Up My Love’, ‘Let’s All Do the Herky Jerky’ and ‘Shazbot! (I Will Make You Mork)’. Once you’ve selected your tune, you’ll enter the recording session and get to work.

You’ll sit down with the recording engineer and pick out your backing track, nodding sagely as you listen. Then, once you’re happy with that, you’ll enter the ‘booth’ and record your vocals. You’ll see a man through the window who will be twiddling knobs in an attempt to make you sound as close to Lulu as possible.

Once you are happy with your vocal performance and your ‘track’ has been ‘laid’ ‘down’ you will leave the booth, sweaty and excited. You’ll listen to the track and marvel at how great you sound. Then your track will be mixed, mastered and burnt onto a CD, which you can take home, copy and send out to all the music moguls. Because you got a taste for it and this is what you want to do now.

Is being a pop star something you’ve always dreamt of? You may not reach the charts, but it’s a step in the right direction as you spend a day recording a song of your choice ion a professional recording studio!
What happens on the day?
At the studio or ‘kiosk’ as its known in the music trade, you will be greeted by one of our cheery engineers who will assist you with the recording of your song or ‘track’. Once you are happy with the backing track, you will then go into the vocal booth and record your vocals, giving the occasional thumbs up if you are happy. The track will then be 'mastered' and a CD will be created for you to take home. If you have a home. I am assuming you have a home.....
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Terms & Conditions
This voucher is valid for 10 months. Two weeks notice is required for backing tracks to be made ready. Recipients may bring along their own backing tracks on any format, preferably CD, if required. Good singing is optional! The Minimum age for this experience is 8.