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With our golfing experiences, you’ll learn how to be less rubbish at golf: fact. Choose a 30 minute intense lesson with a PGA Professional, and you’ll soon be better at golf than you were before.

The session even includes state-of-the-art video analysis of your technique. If you want to extend your golfing experience, choose a session with Marriott and you’ll work with a PGA Pro and the Explanar system before heading out to the course.

You’ll also get 20% off at the shop: handy if you’re unable to locate a placard pointing towards a local golf sale.


Q: Great, I have so many Golf questions. For instance, there’s a strange knocking sound when I put her into reverse...
A: Ah, I see what’s happened here. This isn’t a VW Golf motor vehicle we’re delving into, but rather the magical sport of golf.
Q: The one with the trousers? How are you involved?
A: We want you to be better at golf, whether you’re a frustrated veteran or a total novice. We want you to be golfing to the best of your abilities.
Q: How can this be achieved without some sort of graft or transplant?
A: By being shown the golfy ropes by a top PGA professional. They will help you with your swing, your grip, your footing, your putting and where to stick your ball.
Q: Is there any way that technology can be included in this?
A: Why of course. The Pro will usually be using a video system that films you doing everything wrong, which is then pointed out to you. Your defects will be spotted instantly by his keen, prying eyes and improvements drilled into you. If this video system isn’t in use at the location you choose, then you’ll be told in advance.
Q: How long will I get with this person who I shall dub either Mr or Mrs Golf (depending)?
A: Your lesson will last 30 minutes and you should witness improvements almost immediately.
Q: So where am I going? To this person’s back yard or yards?
A: Oh no, we’ve got golf courses where you can do this all over the place. Not quite from Lands End to John O’Groats, but that sort of thing. I mean, if you were to do a charity walk from our course located in the far north to the most southerly destination, you’d be quite puffed out. And we’ve included some of the most iconic and beautiful golf gaffs on the list, so you’ll be stepping into the divots of giants.
Q: Great, looks a bit drizzly out so I’ll just wear my ‘rain poncho’ which is actually a bin bag with some clothes pegs for purchase...
A: Sounds delightful, but check when ordering as some of our courses do have dress codes which you’ll have to adhere to.

Fun Facts

  • 1. Golf balls can reach speeds of 170 miles an hour. Especially if they are in the boot of a Formula 1 car.
  • 2. There are more than 350 dimples on a golf ball. One for every day of the year, apart from those days we slept through.
  • 3. Golf is the only sport that has been played on the moon, on February 6th, 1971 by astronaut Alan Shepard. The bunkers up there can be pretty fiendish.
  • 4. Around 1457, Golf was banned in England as it was considered a distraction from the serious pursuit of archery. Especially if you were trying to do both in the same field.
  • 5. Many Japanese golfers sign up for ‘hole-in-one’ insurance as it’s tradition to share your good luck and send gifts to all your friends if you get one. Don’t get insurance, just send them crappy gifts. Or be terrible at golf.
  • 6. Honey is sometimes used as a centre for golf balls. For those who get the golfing buzz.
  • 7. It’s thought that golf was invented in Scotland over 500 years ago, however the Chinese claim to have developed a similar game as far back as 943AD. But neither yet claimed responsibility for Crazy Golf. That may have been the Dutch, there tends to be a windmill involved.
  • 8. The word caddy comes from the French word for student ‘cadet’. I’m not really sure what you’re supposed to be learning, apart from how to develop lower back pain.
  • 9. Samuel L. Jackson, the star of Pulp Fiction and Django Unchained, has a contract clause to play golf twice a week wherever he’s filming. And if he wants to play through, he plays through.
  • 10. Bill Murray completely improvised his famous “Cinderella story. Outta nowhere...” speech from the cult classic film Caddyshack. So where was his Oscar? He was robbed.