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Skiing Experiences


Q: Winter sports? In these tropical climes? What gives?
A: I know! Crazy, right? But we use the indefatigable power of the indoors.
Q: Indoors? Like a roofed room?
A: Indeed. With winter sports training at our indoor ski slopes, we can control the climate and can keep an eye on your training. Perfect if you’re a fresh, sweet beginner or a gnarled, bitter veteran.
Q: But how so?
A: Our technologically acute indoor slope can be adjusted to increase or decline the gradient, so that our fully trained tundra experts can track your progress and help you improve.
Q: So what snow based activities can I affiliate myself with?
A: We have both skiing and snowboarding, the surf like ice pursuit so beloved of our young people and top celebrities.
Q: Do I need to bring my own homemade skis?
A: We would prefer it if you didn’t. This experience includes ski, boot and board hire. But please adorn yourself with Gloves, full-length trousers and long sleeved tops.
Q: I’d like to introduce my offspring to the notion of snow fun. Not the band Offspring you understand, but my spawn.
A: No problem, the minimum age for skiing is usually 5 years old, while with snowboarding it is 8. We also have a Junior Skiing Experience, aimed squarely at the skill-set of the little ones.
Q: How long will they, or for that matter I, be on the slopes for?
A: Lessons are usually for an hour, so you should allow 90 minutes for the entire experience.
Q: What if I haven’t left the house, or indeed my Laze-E-Boy brand reclining chair for a while? Will I be shunned?
A: Oh no, this activity is for people of all experience levels. You will need to have a certain amount of physical fitness, as you’ll be heading up a hill and then swooshing down it, but if you have any concerns in this direction, just contact us or the supplier and we can tell you everything you need to know.

Fun Facts

  • 1. The word for ‘ski’ actually comes from the Old Norse word ‘skio’, which means a split piece of wood. As they skied into a lot of trees in Old Norse times.
  • 2. Used for many years as a method of transportation, skiing dates back, in writing, to 1200 AD and in prehistoric carvings, to around 4500 BC. I guess they needed something to do during the Ice Age that wasn’t Sabre Tooth Tiger wrestling.
  • 3. The modern day ski was developed by the Norwegian Sondre Norheim in 1850. Which certainly made people look slightly less conspicuous on ski-lifts.
  • 4. Austria, Norway and Switzerland have the highest skiing participation levels, with at least 25% of their population taking part. While I imagine that at least 25% of us Brits have slid down an icy hillside on a bin bag – so take that Switzerland!
  • 5. It’s reported that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle introduced skiing to Switzerland. He felt the terrain there would be perfect but the sport didn’t exist there at the time. A case of Holmes Under the Lillehammer (except that’s in Norway).
  • 6. In April 2006, Simone Origone set the speed skiing record by travelling 156.2 miles per hour. His life has been on a slippery slope since then.
  • 7. Bobsledding was invented in the 1870s in St Moritz by Caspar Badrutt, in an attempt to make his hotel more popular. That’s ridiculous, his name isn’t even Bob.
  • 8. American astronaut Harrison Schmitt, claimed the mountainous rim of the moon’s Sea of Serenity would make an ideal skiing spot. Though afterwards the fondue would just float all over the place.
  • 9. Alpine skiing was first introduced to the Olympics in 1936, with Germany's Franz Pfnür winning the first men's gold medal. I bet he’s great with a pole, Pfnür, Pfnür.