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Q: As my favourite film is the obscure Alan Clarke classic Billy the Kid and the Green Baize Vampire, what can you do for me?
A: How about some hot snookering action?
Q: But I snooker like a wallaby. By which I mean my technique is poor. What can I do?
A: Try a snooker training day, where you’ll be coached by a green baize genius who will improve your game and spot deficiencies in your technique.
Q: Will I be using shabby equipment and poorly, possibly water damaged, maintained tables?
A: How dare you! No, these are tournament standard tables with steel block cushions, TV style lighting, Aramith tournament balls and Strachan cloth. This is top of the snooker tree my friend.
Q: Can I bring my own snooker stick?
A: I think you mean cue. Yes you may, though everything you need will be there.
Q: But where am I going?
A: We have two locations, one in Northamptonshire and the other a snooker academy in Sheffield where the likes of Ronnie O’Sullivan have practiced in the past.
Q: Will the coaching take longer than 45 seconds?
A: Yes, there are full and half day options which involves one on one coaching, time to practice plus discussions about the history and tactics involved in the game. You may also have a report sent to you after the session, reminding you on what aspects of your game to focus on.
Q: Can I be an age, any age at all?
A: We don’t have a minimum age for this one, but you will need to be 4ft 6inches and over, so you can easily reach the table.
Q: If I am there all day, can I expect to be fed?
A: Nope, I’m afraid food and drinks aren’t included, but you do get a lunch break (let’s hope it’s not the best break you make that day – a little snooker humour there). Food and beverages should be available for purchase at the centre or else close by.

Fun Facts

  • 1. The fastest 147 maximum break was by Ronnie O'Sullivan in 1997, taking just five minutes and 20 seconds. The slowest is still being completed. By me. 12 years and counting.
  • 2. Scottish players have won 12 of the last 23 World Championship titles. And they always ace the Highland Games too, they’re pretty sporty those Scots.
  • 3. Rumour has it that Canadian snooker legend Bill Werbeniuk used to drink 20 pints of lager or more during a game. I imagine he was also pretty good at a ‘how far can you wee up a wall’ game.
  • 4. The word ‘snooker’ has military origins, being a slang term for inexperienced personnel. One of the nicer slang terms for inexperienced personnel.
  • 5. The sport was developed as a variant of billiards by British military personnel in India around 1874. I suppose it makes a change from that other military pastime, shooting people.
  • 6. The earliest billiard table was recorded in 1470 and belonged to King Louis XI of France. Surprisingly he had a pretty great record, as not only because he had the only table, but also because he was a King.
  • 7. Pot Black was launched by the BBC in 1969 as a way to showcase colour television to the masses. It certainly livened up the commentary, which prior to the introduction of colour tended to consist of ‘he’s going for the light grey ball, then onto the slightly darker grey ball’.
  • 8. During a game in 1997 between Steve Davis and Ronnie O'Sullivan, play was suspended when snooker's first ever streaker, Lianne Crofts, ran onto the match arena. It was described as ‘the most exciting thing that has happened, or will ever happen, in snooker’.
  • 9. Under the official rules, the referee can tell a colour-blind player the colour of a ball if requested. Or you can do that if you’re not colour-blind, should you enjoy winding referees up.
  • 10. Snooker legend Steve Davis joined up with Chas & Dave and fellow superstars including Dennis Taylor and Willie Thorne to record the hit record Snooker Loopy. I’m still petitioning for it to become the new national anthem. I’ll get there one day.