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Stadium Tours: Everything you need to know

Love bats, balls, nets, etc? Then you probably love tennis too. Our backstage tour takes you right to the heart of one of the most famous tennis venues in the world: you’ll see the No. 1 court, the press area and the bit where Sir Cliff buys his cuppa before settling in for the day. (Note: turning up in a Womble suit may be frowned upon, but it’s always worth a try.)

If football is a passion you share with your friends and family, you can treat them all to a VIP trip to a stadium: choose the Emirates stadium, Anfield, the City of Manchester Stadium, Stamford Bridge, Wembley or Old Trafford.

If you don’t share your passion with the family, don’t worry: we have vouchers-for-one as well! Some tours even include a meeting with a club Legend, so don’t miss your chance to meet a famous face and get all the inside info on your favourite matches.

Rugby fans need not despair: bring a friend and tour Twickenham with an official tour guide, and you’ll learn all about the history of this fantastic, modern stadium.

Most tours include a visit to the all-important museum and souvenir shop.


Q: My wife loves concrete steps, have you got anything for her?
A: How about a stadium tour? You can visit some of the most famous and iconic sporting venues in the country.
Q: Like Djongo Park? The home of Bannick Ball? Which is a sport that I invented?
A: Erm no, Just the standard sports such as football, rugby, tennis and cricket.
Q: My mates are in a Prog Rock band called Stadium – can I get one of these vouchers and then tour them?
A: That wouldn’t really work or make sense. We offer vouchers for a selection of popular UK football stadiums including the Emirates, Stamford Bridge, Anfield, Old Trafford and Wembley. If you’re into tennis, the tour of Wimbledon is a two and a half hour VIP treat, and rugby fans can tour Twickenham and then there’s a trip to Lords, the home of cricket.
Q: I see there’s a Legends tour, does that come with a Bob Marley flavour?
A: Nope, not even close. A Legends tour will consist of the usual venue tour but with something extra: an encounter with a superstar celeb who will answer questions about the history of the club and sign autographs. Imagine! You and Little ‘Choppy’ Choppington! If you want to know which Legend will be attending, you can ask the operator when you book.
Q: And if there ain’t no Legends?
A: If it isn’t a Legends tour, then a very experienced and knowledgeable guide will be showing you around and answering your probing, excitable questions.
Q: The wife gets jealous, will there be others there?
A: There’ll usually be around eight people and last at least an hour. Our booking team are on hand to help if you need to book for more than four people. If you have any accessibility requirements, please let the stadium know in advance.
Q: For medical reasons (and judicial) I can’t stand behind people, will I have to queue?
A: It’s a pretty popular gaff and it can be busy. For the best experience, try to visit off-peak. If you want to avoid the crowds, Vinopolis recommend visiting between 2pm and 5pm on Thursday or Friday, or any time on Sunday.
Q: I trying to make my child understand the importance of sport, can I bring them?
A: Yes, but children over a certain age (normally 5 years old) will need a child’s ticket (you could also go for a family ticket). Very young children are usually admitted for free, but you should check that the tour route is suitable for a pushchair or buggy if you need to bring one. Anyone 16 or over can expect to pay the full adult price.
Q: Besides the entrance and exit, what will I get to see?
A: Depends where you go of course, but usually you’ll see the pitch, dressing rooms, press box, dugout and all the behind the scenes action. Plus there is very often a club museum and, of course, the all important gift shop.
Q: Can I actually join in and be part of the team, win a Champion’s League or something?
A: No, in fact the tours won’t operate on match days and preparation days. Plus the date may get moved or rescheduled if the stadium is suddenly in use (like they make it to the Quarters of the Johnson Paint Trophy). Just check with your supplier before heading towards the venue

Fun Facts

  • 1. The word ‘stadium’ comes from the Greek word ‘stadion’, a measurement equalling the length of 600 human feet. Those Greeks had a word for everything – except Palm Pilots, they never got around to that one.
  • 2. The oldest known stadium is the one in Olympia, Greece, where the ancient Olympic Games were held from 776 BC. Apparently there’s still a bloke by the bar waiting to be served his half time pint.
  • 3. The first stadium to be used in modern times was the excavated and refurbished ancient Panathenaic stadium which hosted an early version of the Olympic Games in 1870. Before that people just ran around and threw things in empty fields and looked like idiots.
  • 4. ‘Stadium rock’ is said to have been born when The Beatles famously played New York’s Shea Stadium in New York. The grand old art of ‘overpriced counterfeit shoddy merchandise’ was born in the car park just before the show started.
  • 5. The original London Olympic stadium was a multi-sport facility that included a running track, cycling track, and diving and swimming pools built into the central field. And if the diving and javelin were taking place at the same time, I imagine a new exciting extreme sport may have been invented.
  • 6. For the construction of the new London Olympic stadium, 800,000 tons of soil were removed which is enough to fill the Royal Albert Hall nine times over. The rumour that someone suggested actually doing that, just to waste a bit more money on project, were discovered not to be true.
  • 7. The Great Strahov Stadium in Prague, with a capacity of around 220,000, is the largest stadium in the world. It was probably a mistake to book it for the first night of my one-man show ‘Verrucas: My Struggle’.
  • 8. Fenway Park in Boston could be considered the first stadium to have commercial naming rights. Although it’s in the Fenway area of the city, the family who owned it also ran the Fenway Realty Company. T is not to be confused with the ‘Way Fen’ stadium, dedicated to all things Ease Anglia that only exists in my mind.
  • 9. The Svangaskard Stadium on the Faroe Islands sits on rugged cliffs right on the edge of the North Atlantic Ocean and holds just 6000 fans. Most of whom are Puffins, I would imagine.
  • 10. Stadium Arcadium, the 2006 release by Red Hot Chili Peppers was the band’s first US number one album and was recorded at The Mansion, the former haunted home of Harry Houdini. When I finally saw the band live I was very disappointed by the size of bass player Flea. That’s false advertising, right there.