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Arsenal fans, listen up. With our range of exciting Emirates tours, you’re spoilt for choice! We offer many vouchers for backstage trips around one of the most modern football venues in the UK, taking in all the areas that fans never see on TV.

Some of our tours include exclusive limited-edition gifts and memorabilia, and if you choose the truly unforgettable Legends tour, you’ll get up close and personal with a famous face from the club’s past - and you’ll bag a signed photo too.

Don’t forget to pop into the exciting Arsenal Museum at the end of the tour!


Q: The Arsenals! Up the Gunfighters!
A: I can see you are a fan.
Q: Very much so. I have a sticker and everything.
A: Then perhaps I can tempt you with a tour of the very location where the Arsenal team very often play football: Emirates.
Q: Around the ‘Great Grey Dog’ itself?
A: If you mean the Emirates, then yes.
Q: Yes, that’s the name I made up for it. What will I see?
A: Places you wouldn’t normally get to see, such as the player’s tunnel, the first team dressing room, the Directors Box and the Press Conference facilities. Plus there’s the interactive Arsenal Museum which hosts the customised trophy presented to Arsenal by the FA Premier League for remaining unbeaten through the 2003/04 season. Or to make is really super special, try our Legends tour.
Q: What can that be?
A: That’s when a former luminary of the club will be on hand to share stories, answer questions and sign things. You can shake their hand, you can judge their choice of shoes: everything.
Q: How will I know which Legend I’m getting, as I’ve burnt a lot of bridges in my time?
A: You can check with the supplier before the tour to see who will be on hand. If you go for the ‘non Legends’ tour, there will be an expert guide to show you everything and answer questions.
Q: How long will I be within the hallowed walls and turf of the stadium?
A: The tours usually last for an hour, but you can then spend time in the museum or the gift shop.
Q: My little one is just Arsenal crazy. Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal, it’s the only word he says! No really, it’s becoming a worry. Maybe this will snap them out of it?
A: I’m almost positive that it will. There are both ‘Child’ and ‘Family’ tours available. There usually isn’t a minimum age requirement, but children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a paying adult.
Q: What happens if I’m in the dressing room and then all the players come in and I get scared?
A: That shouldn’t happen. There may not be a tour on match days or for limited hours during match days or other events. The supplier should be able to tell you a full list of available dates.

Fun Facts

  • 1. Arsenal was founded in 1886 in Woolwich and in 1893 became the first club from the south of England to join the Football League. 1983! Did they have a dinosaur as a left back? Sorry I’m being silly. Dinosaurs are natural midfielders.
  • 2. Arsenal Football Club started out as Dial Square by workers at the Royal Arsenal in Woolwich. Was it Dial Square because they played against the clock and the pitch was square? Except the pitch is rectangular. Dang! Why don’t my theories ever work?
  • 3. In 1932 the local London Underground station changed its name from Gillespie Road to Arsenal, making it the only Tube station to be named specifically after a football club. Though I do always refer to Holborn as Doncaster Rovers for reasons I can’t remember.
  • 4. The choice of red as a shirt colour is in recognition of a kit donation by Nottingham Forest, soon after Arsenal's foundation in 1886. This has no connection to the KITT donation I make, where I send my wages to the fictional car from Knight Rider every month.
  • 5. In the lease for the original Highbury stadium it was agreed that no matches were to be played on ‘holy days’ and that no ‘intoxicating liquor’ would be sold at the stadium, though these stipulations were dropped within a year. And ‘Free Absinthe Sunday’ soon became a staple at the club (or possibly not).
  • 6. Highbury was the venue for the 1966 World Heavyweight boxing title bout between Henry Cooper and Muhammad Ali, which Ali won. But Cooper had the last laugh as he was HILARIOUS in those aftershave commercials.
  • 7. The Arsenal Stadium Mystery is a 1939 film concerning a match between Arsenal and the fictional Trojans, where one of the Trojans' players drops dead during the match. If it turns out he was bludgeoned, then it was probably the striker.
  • 8. The 1997 film Fever Pitch, based on the Nick Hornby book, revolves around Arsenal’s championship-winning season in 1988-89, though the terrace scenes were actually filmed at Fulham's Craven Cottage stadium. Which still wasn’t enough to convince me that Mr Darcy could be an Arsenal fan.
  • 9. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band became the first band to play a concert at the new Emirates stadium on 30 May 2008. In fact they took the E in their name from Emirates. Except that obviously isn’t true. The E is for ‘Entertainment’, which they provide every time.
  • 10. On the 22nd January 1927, the match between Arsenal and Sheffield United was the first English League match to be broadcast live on radio while on 16th September 1937, an exhibition match between Arsenal's first team and the reserves was the first football match in the world to be televised live. The first ‘putting the kettle on during the half-time analysis’ also occurred on that day.