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Liverpool FC Stadium Tours

The moment you walk through the iconic gates at Anfield, you know you’re in for an amazing day. Take a tour around Liverpool FC’s Anfield stadium and discover all the hidden areas that the players frequent on match days: the tunnel, the dressing room and - of course - the all-important flat, green bit outside.

A visit to the Director’s Box, the swish interactive press area and Liverpool FC museum are included in the trip as well, and tours run most days except for match days. Choose a solo voucher, duo or family tickets, or some crazy combination of them all!


Q: You want to send me to an field? That is both dull and a grammatical disaster...
A: No, not an field, Anfield, the historic home of Liverpool FC.
Q: But surely I can just spend thousands on a season ticket and do away with your services altogether?
A: Not entirely, as our amazing tours take you to places that the ordinary fan doesn’t usually see.
Q: List them. Blatantly.
A: You'll be faced with an interactive experience in the Anfield Press Room, the Director's Seats, the Kop stand, visit the dressing room and take the momentous walk up the tunnel to the pitch itself.
Q: But I like shiny things?
A: Then you’ll be plenty for you in the trophy case, including the European Cup on permanent display and other exciting items in the LFC Museum.
Q: I may have children, it’s not impossible, what about those?
A: We have both ‘Family’ and ‘Children’s’ experience tours available, so depending on how many of you are planning to go, there should be something for you. The ages vary, depending on the ticket you decide to buy, so check the details on the description page.
Q: I have some poems for Steven Gerrard, will he be there?
A: Probably not. There are no tours on match days and limited tours on pre-match days, so bear that in mind when planning the date. Just ask your supplier, or contact us, if you have any problems with dates or want to know the best time to go.
Q: Will I need a sleeping bag?
A: You really shouldn’t. The tour tends to last around an hour and you can expect to spend some further time in the museum and the shop to pick up all those Liverpool FC nicky-nackys. ]
Q: And if I get peckish?
A: They have a cafe!

Fun Facts

  • 1. The city of Liverpool was created in 1207 when King John granted it a Royal Charter. It was once the ‘Second City of Empire’, eclipsing even London for commerce at times. London were eventually forced to build the London Eye just to redress the balance (possibly).
  • 2. More artists with a Liverpool origin have had a chart hit than from any other location, with 56 number ones to date. So if I move to Merseyside my band The Enflamed Aardvarks will finally have a hit? I’m booking the Megabus right now!
  • 3. Anfield was originally the stadium of Liverpool’s rivals Everton, but an internal rental dispute led to Everton relocating to Goodison Park and Liverpool forming to play there in 1892. But the dispute was soon forgotten and the two teams have been best of friends ever since.
  • 4. The city's symbol of the liver bird was adopted as the club's badge in 1901, although it was not incorporated into the kit until 1955. Sadly my suggestion of incorporating Beryl and Sandra from 1970’s sitcom The Liver Birds as part of the insignia has yet to be actioned.
  • 5. Liverpool was the first English professional club to have a sponsor's logo on their shirts, after agreeing a deal with Hitachi in 1979. Before that the spaces on player’s shirts were just used for jotting down messages, games of hangman and doodling.
  • 6. Only 100 spectators attended Liverpool's first match at Anfield. But every one of those spectators went on to start their own successful football club – not wait, I’m thinking of the Sex Pistols at Manchester Free Trade Hall.
  • 7. The Kop stand is named after Spion Kop after a steep hill in KwaZulu-Natal and site of a Boer War battle. It started a trend for naming structures after steep African hills, though I have yet to find any examples.
  • 8. Pink Floyd took a recording by the Liverpool Kop choir, and used it in their own song Fearless, included on the 1971 album Meddle. So every single Liverpool football fan who was there gets royalties from that?
  • 9. The first football match to be televised in colour was between Liverpool and West Ham United, broadcast live in March 1967. As a consequence the sales of black and white scarves and other monochrome memorabilia plummeted.
  • 10. Liverpool features in the film The 51st State, in which an ex-hitman played by Robert Carlyle is a keen supporter and the last scene takes place at a match between Liverpool and Manchester United. Not to be confused with 50 First Dates, where many people forced to watch it thought ‘I was I was at the football right now’.