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Wembley Stadium Tours

Looking for the ultimate stadium tour for the ultimate football fan?

Thanks to Wish, you and the family (should you choose to cart one along) can tour the world-famous Wemm-berr-laay Stadium, also known as ‘Wembley Stadium’. Visit the En-gerr-laand (known as ‘England’) changing rooms, hold aloft a fairly convincing replica of the FA Cup and try to run about on the pitch for a bit when nobody’s looking.

You’ll see the treatment rooms, the press and interview areas and the all-important Royal Box (that’s where Queen and Prince sit when they’re not busy singing).


Q: I’m on my way to Wembley! Can you guess the status of my knees?
A: All trembley?
Q: Yes! And that isn’t even a word! So, what can you offer for me?
A: An incredibly special tour of Wembley, the best stadium in the entire Wembley area.
Q: But what can make it so special? Is it in Klingon?
A: No, it’s in English, but also you will see sections and areas that mere mortals usually never witness. Places such as the Players warm-up zone, the England changing rooms, treatment rooms, the dugouts, press conference room and post-match interview area. You will even have the chance to visit the spectacular Royal Box with a replica FA Cup to hold aloft jauntily!
Q: That really is a lot of areas, I think I’d like the kids to see that?
A: Great, because we have tours available for kids and also a family ticket, for the larger demographic. Ages vary depending on the ticket you get, so take a look at our full range and pick the one or ones perfect for you.
Q: And it’s somewhere near Gwent, right?
A: No, it’s in North London and very easy to get to on public transport with a number of tube and rail lines servicing it. If you need to make plans for your visit, just chat to your friendly supplier or visit the Wembley website.
Q: With such a hectic agenda, how long do I get in the stadium?
A: The tour lasts for approximately 90 minutes and operates daily with the first tour leaving at 10am and the last tour leaving at 4pm.
Q: And I assume if I book it on the day Jay-Z is playing I can just hang about and be best friends with him?
A: Nope, the stadium won’t be open for tours on match days or other event occasions. The tour and the tour route are subject to availability, so if your date is postponed for any reason, we’ll reschedule. ]
Q: I’m one of those really intelligent, popular people that ask a lot of loud questions. Will that be accepted?
A: Of course! You’ll be shown around by an expert guide who has handy facts concerning the stadium and the history of Wembley at their fingertips. Ask them anything – anything stadium related. Nothing medical or emotional please.

Fun Facts

  • 1. The original Wembley Stadium then known as the Empire Stadium, was built as the centrepiece of a British Empire Exhibition at the end of the First World War. The original souvenir programme for the Empire Stadium, later shortened its name to Empire and began to focus on films (they didn’t, I made this up).
  • 2. The original Wembley stadium hosted its first FA Cup final in 1923 when Bolton Wanderers played West Ham. The match became known as the 'White Horse final', as a mounted policeman took to the pitch to keep fans at bay. This was back in the days when spectators were encouraged to ‘have a go’ and join the team for a kickabout. It has now been phased out.
  • 3. There are now 107 steps to the trophy presentation balcony, whereas the old stadium had 39 steps. After it was closed down, I believe the old steps were used as the basis for a hit West End musical, of the same name.
  • 4. The new Wembley is big enough to hold 25,000 double-decker buses or 7 billion pints of milk. Or 3.5 billion 2-pint milk containers, which sounds less impressive.
  • 5. Approximately 40,000 pints of beer could be served during half time at a football match at Wembley. Don’t worry, there are also plenty of toilet facilities.
  • 6. With a span of 315 metres, the Wembley arch is the longest single span roof structure in the world and is visible right across London. Is the space under the structure known as the ‘big arch hole’? As that could be quite dangerous.
  • 7. There is more leg room in every seat in the new Wembley Stadium than there was in the Royal Box at the old one. Though we all do have bigger legs than in the olden days. It’s all the beef hormones.
  • 8. The first concert at the new stadium was performed by George Michael on the 9th June 2007. Let’s hope he didn’t try to drive there himself.
  • 9. The first match at the stadium was a game played behind closed doors between the builders Multiplex and Wembley Stadium staff. Was it behind closed doors due to the shocking behaviour of Multiplex fans at a previous encounter?
  • 10. On the 28th October 2007, in front of 81,176 fans, the New York Giants played the Miami Dolphins in the first NFL game ever in Europe. I didn’t go. I’m still annoyed by that whole Boston Tea Party thing.