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Luxury Train Trips

Wish offers a range of experiences to let you sample the delights of first-class travel from a by-gone age. Choose a luxury five-course lunch and high tea in one of the Express’s iconic British Pullman carriages, take a trip from London to a castle or stately home of your choice, or spend the day traversing the hills and dales of the north of England, complete with a Bellini brunch.

Rest assured – service is of the silver variety, Champagne is standard and smart casual attire is de rigour. Ah, the high life.


Q: Steam trains? Like with with man and the moustache and the murders and ting?
A: That sort of ballpark, yes.
Q: But doesn’t that travel between various exotic European capital cities, with a number of 70’s movie stars onboard?
A: Not our ones. We have the wonderful Northern Belle and the great British Pullman for you to get inside and be thoroughly shunted about.
Q: But where will I be driven in these steamy beauties?
A: You’ll usually be setting off from London and then taking a circular route through the lush British countryside. The exact route will depend on the voucher you buy: you can check this with us before you purchase if you want to take a particular route. Some travel as far north as York on their journey, so you should be able to find something that suits you.
Q: So presumably they’ll be a buffet or a bloke with a trolley or something?
A: Oh no, this is fancy train stuff we’re talking here. You’ll usually get fed dinner (5 courses during one experience) plus glasses of bubbly and wine. So, as well as seeing the glorious countryside and luxuriating on this magnificent vehicle, you’ll get top nosh to boot.
Q: But what about my many, many allergies?
A: If you have specific dietary restrictions or requirements, then just let us or the supplier know in advance and we will sort something out for you.
Q: Brill skills, I’ll just hang around various London train stations right now until I see something that looks like a steam train.
A: That would not be advisable. These trips are very popular and get booked up mighty quickly, so make sure you book you’re date well in advance.
Q: Can I wear my distinctive jeggings/cowboy hat combo?
A: This is the classiest train on the planet! You need to doll yourself up in something refined, or the sweetest smart-casual wear at the very least.
Q: Do I get off the train? If I do, can I get back on again?
A: There may be a tour of a historic location included in the price, so you’ll be getting off for that. These destinations change depending on the experience you purchase, so check out the full range or just get in touch with us if there is something specific you want to do.