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Junior Ferrari Driving Special Offer

Your kid is on the skids! But it’s all right, he’s having a Junior Ferrari Driving experience
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  • Treat your teenage child to a drive in a Ferrari.
  • See them enjoy 10 -15 minutes in the sports car.
  • Benefit from expert tuition and a demonstration.
  • Available at 7 locations.

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Kids these days, eh? If there’s one criticism that’s always levelled at them, it’s that they hardly ever drive power cars.

But you can now banish those despicable thoughts to the furthest, dusty crevices of your mind. Give your offspring a childhood to remember with this Junior Ferrari Driving experience.

Forget your own miserable childhood, driving Porsches and Lamborghinis around the grim streets of your hometown as your stern, disapproving father looked on. Your kid could enjoy three laps around the track in a Ferrari in an unrivalled hands-on, gearhead adventure.

Don’t worry, an ARDS registered instructor will be close by to make sure there’s not too many Cannonball Run type stunts. After a quick demonstration lap, little Harrington or Phenenome will be let loose on the racecourse. Powering through the bends, going flat out in the straights. Just like a tiny wee Jenson Button.

However there will be no Grand Theft Auto style antics allowed. All handguns and Uzis will have to be left in the locker room. And if there are pedestrians or raddled prostitutes by the side of the track, they are to be left alone. You are there to drive, baby Clarkson, so keep you eyes on the prize.

Be the best mum, dad or step-uncle you can possibly be and send your kid round the bend – the racing bend – with this Junior Ferrari Driving experience.
What happens on the day?
When you and your offspring turn up at the course, there will be a welcome briefing and then a safety briefing on driving. Because we know how much kids like briefings. Then there will be an instructor driven demonstration lap in a performance training car. Finally comes the main event with 10 minutes driving a Ferrari 360 or 575 with the Instructor person round the track. At the end of the day you will be presented with an individual driving certificate to frame or laminate.....
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Terms & Conditions
Your voucher is valid for 10 months. The Junior Ferrari Course takes place on selected dates throughout the year; at some venues this only includes school holidays - please enquire when booking. Your course will last approximately 40-60 minutes. Minimum height - 4 feet 10 inches. At the Yorkshire and Kenilworth locations there is no minimum age for participants; at the Lancashire venue participants must be between 11 and 17 years old. All parents/guardians will have to sign an indemnity form on behalf of the child. Parents/guardians must remain on site during the period of the child’s activity. Please expect to spend up to two hours at the venue. At most locations, you will have the choice of buying a collision damage waiver for an additional charge of approximately £25. Drivers are under no obligation to purchase this optional waiver. Sorry, this voucher can't be extended.