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Junior Quad Bike Experience

Let your kid quad bike their way to happiness as they go off-road!
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  • Treat your young one to quad biking.
  • See them take on the learning circuit.
  • Watch them enjoy the thrills of advanced courses.

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Rules. Pah, don’t make me laugh. Break as many rules as possible while defying a few laws of gravity with this junior quad bike off road adventure.

Yeah, motorbikes are all right I suppose. With their kickstands and foot-based gear changing system. But aren’t they missing something? Like a couple of extra wheels?

I know what you are saying. A motorbike with two extra wheels is just a car. Add two wheels to anything and it becomes a car. That’s the law. That ottoman? With two extra wheels? Car. That lump hammer, with wheels? Car. Tara Palmer-Tomkinson. With wheels. Car.

But wait baby, things can be different. I promise. For real this time. Quad bikes are the super fun off road vehicles that let you explore a variety of exacting terrains. Laugh at hillocks, sneer at big holes. All will be cowed before you. On this specially designed circuit, kids 12 years old and over can push their quad bikes to the limit.

After a quick safety speech and instruction by a trained expert, your junior pal will take the quad bike out on a challenging course, tackling the basics before getting all fancy and doing jumps and junk. Soon they’ll be speeding over all manner of tricky environments, pitted like the face of an adolescent child.

Thrilling, exhilarating, heart-thumping. Just some the words that will adequately describe this fun-filled day quad biking in this off road adventure.

What happens on the day?
Quad bike-apalooza starts with a safety talk, where all participants get mandatory equipment instruction and a safety briefing, so you don’t go all Ozzy Osbourne on us. Then you will spend some time on the learning circuit to familiarise yourself with the quad bike, before finally progressing on to the more advanced circuits, where you pay your dues in sweat and adrenaline. The duration of your experience will be between 1hr and 1hr and a half depending on which venue you choose and the accuracy of your time-measuring device.....
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Terms & Conditions
This voucher is valid for 10 months. Minimum age for this experience varies with location; 12 years at Rutland, 8 years at Surrey, 6 at Wetherby in South Yorkshire, 12 years at Flaxby in South Yorkshire and 12 years at Stiring in Scotland. Maximum weight is 12 stone. Please note that the itinerary will vary slightly depending on the venue you choose. The conditions might be muddy, so bring some boots or other sturdy footwear and wear suitable clothes. It's a good idea to bring a change of clothes for your journey home. A minimum of 4 weeks notice is required for bookings at Rutland. All available dates are preselected by the venues. Children must be accompanied by an adult to the venue. Please note that this experience is not available between October and March at Rutland.