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Microlight Flight

The closest thing to being a bird without having to poop on car windscreens. Try this Microlight Flight adventure.
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11 Locations
  • Experience flight in a Microlight.
  • Soar across the skies for an hour.
  • Take control under the supervision of an instructor.
  • Take in a pre flight briefing.

Locations are an indication only and may be subject to change.

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The skies. Too long have they been looking down and mocking us. They need to be tamed. Finally show the atmosphere who is the boss around here with this microlight flight experience.

Not quite a hang glider, not quite a plane. Well, that describes pretty much anything except planes and hang gliders. But particularly microlights, those light, quiet flying marvels that put you in the sky and keep you there.

You’ll head skyward with a fully qualified microlight professional for one full hour of flying. Swooping, looping, turning these are the names of some of the small villages you’ll fly over. No, I kid, these aerial wonders are super manoeuvrable, providing a thrilling, exhilarating experience.

It will seem as if you’re flying along without mechanical help. Like one of your favourite superheroes, such as Wonderman, Birdlad or The Owl Avenger. Look down at the passing countryside with awe and contempt. Look up to see the lovely fluffy clouds with curiosity and love. Look across to see the odd bird and feel pity at their pointless, flapping wings.

You’ll be given a full safety briefing and control instruction from a trained pilot. Then if they think you are up to it, you may be able to take control of your microlight and have a bit of an old fly yourself. Perhaps you’ll get a taste for it, train as a pilot and soon be doing the Derry to Luton run for a famed low budget airline.

This is an experience too exhilarating and exciting to miss. Add a new thrill wrinkle to your life with this one-hour microlight Flight adventure.
What happens on the day?
Welcome to the aerodrome. Once there, your recipient will be given a briefing on the principles of microlight flying, how it stays up there, that kind of thing. From there they are taken to the microlight for a general familiarisation of the layout and a rundown of the controls and which ones not to grab ‘as a joke’. After this it's up, up and away for a 60 minute flight of a lifetime! If the instructor feels confident that his new student is ready, they will even be able to take the controls and get the thrill of piloting the aircraft. If not, you don’t. Facilities and microlights will vary between locations and the images used here are a guide only. ....
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Terms & Conditions
This voucher is valid for 10 months. Minimum age varies with location but is not less than 14 years. No previous experience necessary. Microlights and itineraries may vary slightly between locations and images used on this page are only a guide. Flight time will be approximately 60 minutes depending on weather conditions. Maximum weight 14 stone (16 stone at South Lanarkshire location, 17.3 stone at Cambridgeshire location). No maximum height. Please note at some locations you must call on the morning of your booked flight to confirm that the weather conditions are suitable for flight.