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MyChocolate Workshop For Two

Have a friend who likes chocolate? Wait, all your friends like chocolate? Perfect! Take them on this Mychocolate Workshop for Two
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  • Enjoy the experience of making chocolate.
  • Learn from chocolate making experts.
  • Make and decorate truffles, pralines and chocolates.
  • Share the fun with a friend.

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You like chocolate, your friend likes chocolate. But neither of you know what it is or where it comes from. Sad face. Now these mysteries will be unveiled with this Chocolate Workshop for Two.

The history and processes of chocolate creation be divulged to you by a Chocolatier (I think Christina Aguilera was one of the original Chocolatiers). Soon you’ll know too much about chocolate. You’ll know too much.

Then you’ll get your hands on some of the brown stuff yourself. You’ll get to taste cocoa nibs, crushed cocoa beans and a variety of exotic flavoured chocolates. Yumsville!

Then the practical part of the experience kicks in. First you and your special friend will bond over truffle making. These will be made from scratch and your chocolatey mess will be piped into truffles in a scene reminiscent of Willy Wonka and the Temple of Doom. Plus you’ll have a crack at assembling your own choccy bar or giant chocolate button. With personalised wrapper! So take your personality.

The secrets of cutting, dipping and decorating praline is next on the agenda. Then you go hog wild creating you own chocolate monstrosity. Chucking in flavours as diverse as chilli, nuts, popcorn and other weird stuff. Then you and your pal take the whole sorry mess home with you in a lovely ribbon wrapped box.

What could be finer than spending a wild chocolately afternoon with your special pal in this Chocolate Workshop? Nothing, that’s how.
What happens on the day?
When you arrive, all giddy with happiness, you will be greeted by your Chocolatier, who, after giving you the secret Chocolatier handshake, will show you to the quirky vintage-style kitchen (London location only) or to the hotel room (Manchester and Brighton). The Chocolate Making Workshop includes the following sumptuous activities: Introduction to chocolate making. The Chocolatier will explain the history and process of creating chocolate, whilst you sample either cocoa nibs or crushed cocoa beans and a variety of exotic flavoured chocolates. Yummers! Making truffles: Working in pairs, you’ll learn how to make delicious truffles from raw ingredients, and you’ll soon be laughing (or angry) as you attempt to pipe your chocolate mixture into truffles. Create your very own chocolate bar or giant chocolate button! You’ll be given a wide selection of ingredients and flavours to use, such as chilli and popping candy to marshmallow and biscuits; so whatever your fancy, stuff it in there, complete with personalised wrapper. Your first of many no doubt. You’ll then learn the art of cutting, dipping and decorating using a slab of fantastic praline, bowls of melted chocolate and plenty of decorations – the perfect ingredients for a lovely chocolate treat. Create ‘the most innovative chocolate in the world: You will team up with your chocolate making partner to make some chocolate mayhem to call your own. You will even get to take your creations home with you in ribbon-tied bags, along with the recipes, so there is plenty to share with family and friends when you get home! Or not if you are a pig.....
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Terms & Conditions
This voucher is valid for 10 months and is for two people. Workshops take place on selected weekends and weekday evenings throughout the year. Workshops take place in London, Brighton and Manchester. You will be in a group of up to 22 guests (average group size 16). This workshop lasts approximately 2 ½ hours. Minimum age 14 years. Please wear suitable clothing for making chocolate. Dates for this experience are subject to availability. If you have a specific date in mind, feel free to call us on 020 8275 5256 to check it's available.