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Nissan GTR Driving Experience Special Offer

Eat speed and poop out MPHs with this Nissan GTR supercar experience
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  • Enjoy a drive in a Nissan GT-R.
  • Take a four mile spin of a race circuit.
  • Experience a demonstration from an instructor.
  • Take home a certificate and driving assessment.

Locations are an indication only and may be subject to change.

We know you can go fast. We’ve seen how you move when those charity collectors popped round for the sponsor money. But now you can go faster. Much, much faster in this Nissan GTR.

This is not a car. It is a beast. A beast of a car. Oh ok, I guess it is a car then. But it is also a beast as well. It’s a beast-car. I know that isn’t a real thing, but it’s the only phrase adequate to explain this monster. Except for monster.

On this experience day, you’ll arrive at a real, human racetrack, eager and sweaty. An ARDS driving instructor, will tell you how not to kill yourself once you are behind the wheel of this beast-car-monster. After a couple of practice laps, you’re free to feel the full force of the GTR yourself.

This unhinged vehicle can reach top speeds of 193mph and an astounding 473bhp. Now that is fast. I mean look at this. Ok, you couldn’t see that, but I moved my hand very quickly through the air. Really quickly. And that unseen hand movement was nowhere near as fast as this power-spewing supercar.

And you’ll be driving it to hell and back. Or a couple of laps around the track. Whatever you fancy. And there will be a bloke next to you to make sure you don’t do anything too insane. Like recreate your favourite scenes from The Dukes of Hazzard.

If you love being in a metal box that moves faster than a puma with a quicker puma chasing it, then this is the experience day for you. Get behind the wheel of the mighty Nissan GTR.

What happens on the day?
Don’t panic, on arrival at the track you will receive a briefing from a fully qualified ARDS driving instructor. You will then get a chance to learn more about the essentials of high-speed supercar driving with three instructor driven familiarisation laps in a demonstration car, just so you don’t freak out when the real thing comes. Then the real thing comes and you’re behind the wheel of the Nissan GTR for four laps (7.2 miles total) of high-speed excitement. After all that excitement and a quick towelling down, you will also receive an Individual Driving Certificate and Assessment from the instructor. The whole experience lasts approximately one adrenalin pumped hour.....
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Terms & Conditions
This voucher is valid for 10 months. This voucher may be used on weekdays only. Should you wish to take the experience on a Saturday you may pay an upgrade fee of £25 directly to the supplier upon booking. Drivers shorter than 5'0” or taller than 6'6” and/or weighing more than 17 stone may have some difficulty being accommodated. Drivers must be over the age of 18, and will need to present a full UK driving licence, which they must have held for at least one year. The driver will need to sign a disclaimer, accepting liability in the event of the car being damaged as a result of their negligence. Most locations will offer you the option of purchasing a collision damage waiver (CDW). This costs around £25 per vehicle and is completely optional. There's no obligation to buy the optional waiver. Please ask the operator when booking for further details if required. Sorry, this voucher can't be extended.