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Exclusive One Hour Junior Ski Lesson

Got a child with hopes for the slopes? Turn them into an Olympic hopeful with this one hour junior skiing lesson!
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  • One hour junior skiing lesson taught by the pros
  • Endorsed by Olympic skier Chemmy Alcott
  • Includes free photo, t-shirt or beanie

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Thanks to underarm deodorants and coal, we now live in a perpetual winter. To survive this new tundra based Deadwood you’ll need to ski, so have a refresher lesson!

At this one hour lesson with Skiplex (‘the Skiplex people’) you can either be shown the basics of ski control before embarking on that marriage saving trip to the Alps, or brush up on your skills before entering a televised skiing talent show called On the Piste.

You can even have a crack at that crazy, new, exciting venture of Snowboarding, which is a bit like surfing except there’s no water and the water is frozen and it’s cold and there are no stingrays. What could be better? Eternal life – no, I don’t think so, this is better.
What happens on the day?
At the ski centre, they will be kitted out with either skis or snowboard and boots, depending on what endeavour they wish to master. They will then receive an hour of expert tutelage, alongside a small group of other kids, in the art of gliding, swooping, moving slowly forward and not falling over too much. And there’s more! As well as learning all about the wonderful world of winter sports, they will receive a photograph, reminding them of the great day they have just had. And then there’s even more! They will also get either a free t-shirt or a free beanie, which we’ve been told is some sort of headgear that the young people wear these days. One Direction all have one, I’ve been told to say even though I have no idea what those words mean. Got a potential ski bunny or male ski bunny lurking around your house somewhere? Hone those skills with this one hour junior skiing lesson. ....
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Terms & Conditions
Your voucher is valid for 10 months. This voucher is for one person. This experience is available all the live-long weekround. This is a junior experience and is therefore available for participants aged 16 and under only. If you’re 17, even 17 and one day, like it’s the day after your 17th birthday, forget it. Minimum age for skiing is 5 years and minimum age for snowboarding is 8 years. There are no height or weight restrictions, but you must be moderately healthy as this is an active experience – if in doubt about your suitability please contact the supplier. Although not required, thick socks are recommended. During winter months the ski centre can get cold so some warm clothes are advised – however these do not have to be ski-specific. Please allow approximately 90 minutes for your experience. All dates are subject to availability.