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Riot Training Experience

I predict a riot! Learn the basics of riot control as a copper - then swap over at half-time
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  • Learn the basics of riot management & crowd control
  • Get training from real military & police professionals
  • Limited availability - book soon to avoid disappointment!

Locations are an indication only and may be subject to change.


Our lawyers have asked us to make clear that we are not encouraging anybody to riot (obviously). Inciting a riot is a criminal offence in the UK, and people go to jail for jokes on Twitter/Facebook. You have been warned.

There is nothing more embarrassing than turning up to police a riot and realising you haven’t grasped basic etiquette. Worry no more, as we now offer the UK's first Riot Training Experience.

In this full throttle experience, the mysteries, intrigues and fundamental steps of basic riot control will be revealed. Who runs at who, good/bad things to wave about and which way up to hold your riot shield.

The Video

"Pals wear armour and wield batons and shields while fighting off staff hurling PETROL BOMBS."
The Sun

What happens on the day?

You might think that riot control merely involves screaming loudly and running into a crowd with a big stick wearing a crash helmet. The truth is far, far more complicated.

On arrival at the riot training emporium, you’ll be given a full briefing on modern riot control techniques, as well as a complete safety run down.

Then famous riots and riot police from history will be profiled, you'll get to grips with the tactics and formations you will be using. You'll also be trained with equipment like ballistic helmets, visors, batons and four foot riot shields.

During training, you'll learn all about base lines, snatch squads and how to use batons. You'll also see a petrol bomb demo and learn the basics of casualty evacuation.

After a spot of lunch you and your soon-to-be-kettled comrades will be divided into two groups: one to play the rioters and the other to keep them under control. Fully kitted out in body armour and bearing the latest in crowd control equipment, a simulated pitched battle will ensue.

All hell breaks loose - you'll stand firm as you come under a barrage of debris, advancing forwards as smoke swirls around your waist. Brace yourselves as petrol bombs are thrown. Noise, fire, smoke and fear are the main ingredients.

Volleys of simulated batons rounds will fire into the crowd, and you'll hear the command "Snatch Squads prepare" before heading out to drag back ringleaders. You will be fully supervised by ex-police/military experts throughout.

And then you swap! Once a truce is declared, the two teams will swap over. Those playing the rioters become The Man. The vandals become the nice policemen. In this all-day interactive epic, you’ll experience both sides of the conflict.

Afterwards there will be a debriefing and refreshments.

So if you have ever fancied getting behind the shield, whipping down the visor and wondering just what it would be like to face a throng of angry, disaffected types – here is your chance.

Q. Is this for real?
A. Yes - please take a look at our video above.
Q. Surely not every Tom, Dick or Harry can take part?
A. Correct. As you'd expect, our suppliers are highly selective about who is allowed to participate. They reserve the right to decline bookings from anybody at their sole discretion (in which case a full refund will be offered).
Q. What about on the day itself?
A. If our experts don't like your attitude/behaviour, you won't be taking part. They reserve the right to show you the red card at any time at their sole discretion.
Q. Who'll be in charge on the day?
A. You are in the hands of professionals. Our trainers are real-life, ex-military/police instructors who have seen active service managing riots in Northern Ireland and Bosnia.
Q. How much rough and tumble is involved?
A. If you're asking this question, this experience is probably not for you. You will need need to be prepared to take some knocks and bruises, and as you'd expect, you'll be required to sign a safety waiver in order to take part.
Q. What equipment will we use?
A. You will use ballistic helmets (with visors), batons and four foot riot shields - the very same equipment you see used by police forces around the world.
Q. Do I need to be fit?
A. This event is physical in nature and therefore requires that participants all have a reasonable level of fitness. Any underlying medical conditions must be discussed with the organisers when booking.
Q. Do you take group bookings?
A. Yes - we can take group bookings for up to 30 people. If you have fewer people in your group, you will be placed with others to make the numbers. If you want to book for a group, just update the 'How Many' field up top next to "Add to Basket". If you would like to speak to us about large corporate bookings, please drop us a line to discuss requirements.
Q. Where is it?
A. Droitwich, near Birmingham. It's about 20 minutes by train from Birmingham New Street station, else it's an easy drive. If you're flying in, Birmingham Airport will be your best bet.
Q. What should I wear?
A. Please bring old clothes you don't mind getting torn/muddy. You'll be provided with protective outerwear and boots on the day.
Q. Is there anywhere nearby for my other half to watch?
A. Sadly not. Why not send 'em on a nice spa day instead?
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Terms & Conditions

Minimum age is 16. Participants should have a reasonable standard of personal fitness. All equipment and weapons are included.

On arrival, you will have to sign a safety waiver in order to take part and all participants must adhere to the supplier’s health and safety policy. You must advise the supplier if you suffer from claustrophobia, asthma or are suffering from an existing medical condition or are recovering from an injury.

Your voucher is valid for 10 months. This voucher is for one person. This experience is available on 1 Sunday per month and runs from 11am - 5pm.

Participants are advised to come along in old, comfortable clothing that they don't mind getting muddy and outdoor shoes.

The event lasts up to 6 hours. A light lunch is included in this experience, however you are advised to bring along sufficient money to purchase drinks/snacks from vending machines. All dates are subject to availability.