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Segway Rally For Two with Photo - Special Offer

Yes you can stand, yes you can move – but can you stand and move? You can now with this great Segway adventure!
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  • Enjoy racing on a Segway.
  • Challenge a friend to the rally course.
  • Benefit from full Segway tuition.
  • Receive a photo.
Yes you can stand, yes you can move – but can you stand and move? You can now with this great Segway adventure!

Few inventions have benefitted the human race more than the Segway. Penicillin? Yawn. Internal combustion engine? No thanks nerd. Computers? Get stuffed.

No, the Segway is the best. What other device can scoot you along at quite a healthy clip while standing upright? The iron lung? No, I don’t think so. There’s only one place to go for vertical balance thrills. The Segway.

With this action-packed, event-orientated day, two of you, yes you and someone else, will be kitted out in official Segway safety gear. Then you will be trained to master these vehicular marvels. Expert tuition will show you how to make these beasts move and go up hills. After a short while, you’ll both be zooming along like pros.

Once fully schooled, a gaggle of you will embark on a mass Segway adventure, setting out as a group to get to know the local terrain, like it is an old and familiar lover. You’ll gain much needed confidence in piloting the machine and trying out a few signature moves such as the ‘Woody’, the ‘Reverse Gervais’ and the mysterious ‘Bangkok Marvel’.
What happens on the day?

After you’ve completed your gang Segway fun, you and your companion, friend or sweet-cheeks will take to our specifically designed rally course and do battle against each other. You will have to tackle a variety of surfaces and challenging topographies as you attempt to see just who is the ultimate Segway battler. Will it be you? Will it be your friend? No, it will be you, we can feel it. It’s your turn now. Your turn.

And why we would never want you to gloat or show off in any way, there will be ample opportunity to do so, as this experience also gives you a CD featuring a photographic image of your Segway day. And you also get a certificate, so there will be two things you can waft in their faces while dancing up and down and singing a childish song along the lines of ‘I’m the best Segwayer, you’re a stinky goat’ in the car park.

There are two of you, but there can only be one victor. Unless you friend’s name is actually Victor. As you take part in this ultimate Segway battle!

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Terms & Conditions
Like the rampant Segway stag you are, your voucher is valid for ten months. This package is for two people – with a grudge to settle. This experience is available Monday - Friday only. Experiences are available on selected dates only with most event dates occurring on Mondays & Fridays, and occasionally Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursday, so if you have your poetry group on Mondays you might want to reschedule. Some locations have more event dates than others due to venue availability and level of demand, so there’s that. You are welcome to upgrade to a weekend date for a fee of £25 paid directly to the supplier when booking. Please have your voucher to hand when you contact the operator to arrange a date for your experience, because we hate hearing frantic rustling down the phone. Some locations offer more dates than others due to the availability of certain venues. There are no minimum age restrictions, but participants must be at least 134cm tall. Your tape measure is in the bottom drawer, by the batteries and that key-ring that broke. Min. weight is 45kg, Max. weight is 117kg. This experience is not suitable for those who are pregnant, those suffering from heart disease or epilepsy; other medical restrictions may apply - please check with the operator upon booking. You will not be permitted to participate if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Protective kit and helmets will be provided on the day, these must be worn during the experience, no matter how daft you look. Please book at least 6 weeks in advance. Please note that the Bath location is not available before April 2014. All dates are subject to availability.