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Segway Rally Experience

Get Segway savvy like a proper Hollywood movie star with this Segway rally course experience.
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  • Experience riding on a Segway.
  • Test your skills on an obstacle course.
  • Enjoy a group excursion.
  • Take home a souvenir certificate.
What’s the best way to seg? On a Segway of course! And you can master this two-wheeled wonder with this Segway rally course experience.

For those who have been living under a rock with no Segways, Segways are the two-wheeled environmentally friendly, electric vehicles you drive standing up. A bit like a car. But two-wheeled and electric and you drive it standing up.

On your Segway rally day, you’ll be kitted out in full safety gear (helmet, goggle, shin-protectors, kidney-guards) and instructed on how to tame this two-wheeled beast. You’ll learn it’s all in the leaning. Lean forward to do one thing and lean the other way to go elsewhere. And then it’s time to hit the road.

You and a group of other Segway nuts will head out for an excursion around the local area. Imagine that! The look on people’s faces. The local vicar will rub his eyes with wonder. An old dowager will drop their monocle into a glass of Stella. And the area’s witchdoctor will offer an incantation to the great goat-god above.

Then for the final countdown! You take to the specially designed Segway rally course and attempt to navigate the various bumps and turns. By then you’ll be a Segway natural and soon will be looping the loop, moon-walking and hanging in the air Matrix style. It’ll be fun, fun, fun.

Speed freaks and people who like standing and moving will rejoice at this unique, exhilarating Segway adventure.
What happens on the day?
Using advanced gyroscopic sensors, created in laboratories (or possibly someone’s garage), the Segway's acceleration is controlled by leaning forward or backwards on the handlebars, making it a uniquely smooth and intuitive vehicle to drive. Your Segway Rally experience begins with a registration, where you'll be kitted up in safety stuff, ready for your briefing and training session. Once you've got to grips with the basics, you'll be taken for a group familiarity excursion, where you'll see the local area and gain confidence controlling your Segway and making lifelong friends. Finally, it's time for the main event; take to the circuit and find out how good you really are as you take on the Segway rally course! The experience is approximately an hour, but you should allow around 90 minutes in total. You'll receive a certificate and group photo at the end to remember your adventure forever.....
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Terms & Conditions
This voucher is valid for 10 months and is for one person. Please have your voucher handy when you ring to arrange a date for your experience. At the Nottingham and Harrogate venues, participants and spectators must be aged 18 years or over. At all other venues there is no minimum age restriction, but participants must be at least 134cm tall. Min weight 45kg,Max weight is 117kg. Sadly this experience isn't suitable for anyone who is pregnant, or anyone who suffers from epilepsy or heart disease - if you have any medical conditions, please mention them to the operator when you book. You won't be allowed to take part if you're under the influence of drugs or you've been drinking alcohol. You must wear the protective gear and helmets that are provided for you. Dates for this experience are subject to availability. If you have a specific date in mind, feel free to call us on 020 8275 5256 to check it's available.