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Beauty Treatments: Everything you need to know

Beautify your body and hair with one of our fab vouchers for beauty treatments. Choose an indulgent manicure, pedicure, make-up session and more. The selection includes express and mini-treatments for girls on the go, including treatments at salons right on your local high street, or we have more indulgent, longer treatments for ladies with time on their hands.

Pick up a voucher for a mini manicure, or go for a premium Champneys massage or luxury one-hour manicure or pedicure at one of their amazing high street spas. Grab a voucher for a cut and style and you’ll get the benefit of a consultation with an expert stylist too.

Our Murad range includes exceptionally posh procedures for primped, preened ladies: choose from a foot or hand treatment, a face massage, a shoulder massage, a facial or a rapid skin peel. Fans of Dove Spa can visit for a facial treatment, massage and a fresh coat of nail polish.

Fancy something more exotic? How about a session in a floatation tank, or a gorgeous (but, sadly, non-edible) chocolate body wrap? Spa and salon locations are available nationwide, so dip in today and treat yourself to something special.

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Q: A b-b-b-beauty treatment?
A: Why do you sound frightened?
Q: But why should I use you rather than someone like...say...Halfords?
A: As well as luxury manicures, pedicures, makeovers and massages, we offer some truly unusual beauty therapies. Really crazy stuff. Really crazy. Try a session in a serene floatation tank, a scented chocolate body wrap or simply buy a voucher for a high-street mini treatment that you can enjoy during your lunch break. No matter what you fancy and what amount of time you have, we’ll have something to satisfy your precious whims.
Q: They often call me Little Shirley Sampler. Can I combine vouchers for different treatments?
A: Why the hell not .If the place has the time to book you in for multiple treatments, go for it dudester. Just call the number on your vouchers and tell them you have more than one to redeem. You can also buy multiple vouchers as gifts, leaving the recipient to choose whether to take all their treatments together or use them once a week or once a month. If you make a last-minute decision to add another treatment to the one specified on your voucher(s), you can normally book with the salon direct. Again, it’s best to call ahead.
Q: Bit there’s no reason to inform these people before I turn up to their beauty salon shouting and pointing is there?
A: Yes. You must always book ahead for treatments just to make sure the salon has time to accommodate you.
Q: So I’ll need to take the Megabus to a major metropolis?
A: We would hate you to do that! No, we have salon locations all over the UK. From Scotland to Cornwall and all the places in between. You know, the places on the maps!
Q: What should I bring? Pants?
A: As this will be an overnight stay, yes you may wish to bring some extra pants. Besides that usually guests must bring their own bathing suit and gym wear. Often lockers, towels, robes and slippers are provided by the spa for use on the day, but this may vary at different locations, so check the small print when booking, or just ask us.
Q: But how long will I be there for? I have Garbage Pail Kid cards to organise.
A: Depends on what you choose to do and have done to you. Some might be 20 minutes, others might be considerably longer. Check the small print and details on the experience you choose and if you have any questions, just ask!
Q: Would I have ever heard of any of these places? Would they have been features in the magazines they have at the clinic?
A: Champneys? That ring a bell? Or Dove Spa? Oh yeah, we ain’t messing around. We’ve got the big hitters on board – and they are champing (or Champneying) at the bit to get on your face and body and start doing stuff to it.
Q: And what if beauty is simply not enough for me?
A: Then do a combo! Which is industry talk for combining it with another experience. You can get a beauty treatment and then get afternoon tea for instance. Won’t that be delightful!

Fun Facts

  • 1. Famed neuroscientist John C Lilly devised the first isolation tank in 1954, a dark soundproof tank of warm salt water in which subjects could float for long periods in sensory isolation. But that was before the invention of New Age music or Sting? What on earth did they listen to?
  • 2. Research into flotation therapy was shown to improve creativity in Jazz musicians, accuracy in rifle shooting, focus before exams and stress relief. And will probably help you overcome your fear of floating.
  • 3. Ancient Roman women considered very white skin to be a sign of beauty so applied face whitener, such as chalk powder, crocodile dung and white lead. Which sounds more like a Bush Tucker trial than a beauty treatment to me.
  • 4. Romans also thought that eyelashes fell out from excessive sex activity and so it was especially important for women to keep them long to prove their chastity. Which I think is the reason Bugs Bunny is so attractive when dressed as a girl.
  • 5. Women in ancient Egypt used castor oil on their skin as a protective balm. Against castors presumably.
  • 6. In the 1940's, wartime scarcity of razors made woman resort to using sandpaper to remove excess hair. Which may be the source of the phrase ‘Don’t rub me up the wrong way’.
  • 7. The perfect female face, according to researchers has a distance between the pupils of 46 percent of the entire face, and a distance between the eyes and the mouth that is 36 percent of the distance from the hairline to the chin. Or, in other words, me (I just checked).
  • 8. The Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas has an Arctic Ice Room. Actual snowflakes float from the ceiling and a minty-fresh breeze is blasted into the room. The perfect place to chillax.