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Facials: Everything you need to know

When it comes to skincare, the expert beauty therapists at Champneys high street spas really know what they’re talking about. Founded on a wealth of beauty and health experience dating back to the mid-1970s, Champneys use premium ingredients in their products to give you the best possible result, and they train all their staff in-house.

Champneys facial therapies last for 45 minutes, and because they take place in high street locations, you don’t need to take a trip into the country to enjoy the very best in relaxing skin therapies. Purchase your voucher, book your appointment and enjoy!

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Q: A facial? That sounds rude and European. Is it?
A: No, this is simply some beauty treatments for your face, to help it recover and relax.
Q: But how?
A: By getting it rubbed and having gloop plastered over it! Natural remedies can be used to discover what brings out your natural glow, or you prefer to be oiled and massaged, that can always happen too!
Q: And what effect will all this have upon me?
A: You will feel energised and will radiate health and vitality. If your skin is feeling wayward and grim, this will spruce it all right up. We have traditional tried and tested treatments and also the latest innovations from the world of ‘putting stuff on your face’.
Q: Is it all faced based? Why does that get all the fun?
A: It doesn’t have to be that way. You can just have a pop-in facial and absolutely nothing else, or you can have a complete spa day with lots of other health treatments plus full use of the facilities. Just have a breezy stroll through our full complement of activities and pick the one perfectly suited to your requirements.
Q: And I’ll assume this is all fly-by-night, tupenny ha’penny outfits?
A: No, we are working with the biggest names in the biz! The facials biz! How about Champneys? Does that name just make you ooze with contentment and suppressed excitement? Of course it does! Or Bannatynes? You know that name, right? Of course! The Bake Off guy! We’ve got them on board too. There are a slew of upscale spas and health centres to get your facial supplied.
Q: For God’s sake, how long will this bloody take?
A: Facials tend to take around 45 minutes, but if you have other treatments it will obviously take longer. You can have an entire day at a spa, or even a luxurious weekend away.
Q: Once I’ve got my voucher, do I need to tell anyone?
A: Yes please! You’ll need to book ahead to arrange your facial with the beauty therapist involved.
Q: Should I tell them about my forehead thing?
A: If you have any medical conditions that may hinder your enjoyment, then talk to us about it or talk to the therapist when booking your experience.
Q: The value attached to this is simply too magnificent. Can I possibly spend more money?
A: You surely can! At most locations, beauty products suitable for your newly refreshed visage will be available for purchase. But you are under no obligations of course.

Fun Facts

  • 1. Humans are capable of making 10,000 unique facial expressions. As Michael McIntyre so ably and hilariously proves constantly.
  • 2. It is difficult to discern exactly how many muscles are in the face, as many are small and they often overlap, but most estimates range from 40 to 90. Great, somewhere else I have to work out. My face muscles are particularly flabby right now.
  • 3. A person can recognize a smile from 300 feet away. But my restraining order is 500 feet, so that doesn’t help me at all.
  • 4. Crows can recognise an individual human face. So I’m surprised you don’t see more of them involved in police line-ups?
  • 5. Smiling can actually improve your physical health, relaxing you and boosting your immune system. Unless you smile like my Uncle Ken. That is not relaxing at all. Just troubling.
  • 6. Unhealthy foods that contain excessive sugar can cause the protein fibres of your skin to become stiff resulting in wrinkles. That’s the reason I only try to have half a bag on my Sugar Puffs every morning, rather than the full one.
  • 7. The face perception mechanisms of the brain, can produce something called ‘facial pareidolias’, the phenomenon of seeing faces in inanimate objects. Like my Uncle Ken. I never mind, he just twitched.
  • 8. In The A-Team, Templeton Arthur Peck, played by Dirk Benedict (and Bradley Cooper on the movie remake), is known as ‘Face’ due to his dazzling good looks. So by my reckoning that must mean B.A. stands for ‘body awesome’. Right?