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Manicures: Everything you need to know

A shape, buff and polish is just the thing to add the perfect finishing touch to your best outfit. Choose from a range of indulgent manicures at great salons, all carried out by qualified beauty therapists.

For a real treat, combine your manicure with a pedicure and get a matching coat of polish on your toes - great before a beach holiday! Manicures are available at various beauty salons throughout the UK, including premium O Spa venues in London.

For the ultimate pamper day, enjoy an indulgent luxury treatment at a lush Champneys high street spa in the South of England.

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Q: So this is all about getting my hoofs trimmed?
A: In part. As well as getting your hand ends trimmed, buffed and coloured, there may be a hand massage included, as well as lovely lotions and ointments designed to supple up creaky mitts.
Q: That sounds inviting! But where?
A: This takes place at salons, spas and treatments centres all over the country. There is sure to be one near you in a way.
Q: So I’ll merely get a manicure and then be heartily thrown out into the street?
A: Far from it! You can get manicures that are part of a far larger pamper package, with pedicures, facials, massages and much more included. Take a spin through our full range of manicure related treatments for the full range.
Q: And if this kind of thing can be timed, what would the timings be?
A: It sort of depends on which experience you land upon. If you get a quickie manicure and nothing more, that may take around 30 minutes. But you could have it folded into a spa day or even a spa break, where you’ll stay at a luxury location for the weekend and have tons of fun treatments hurled at you.
Q: What wonderful hues can I choose?
A: Nice rhyming! Tight! We have a wide variety of fabulous colours including that weird different coloured one that just goes on one nail that all the ladies have these days.
Q: Can I just burst into the salon singing various show-tunes at the top of my lungs?
A: It is always necessary to book in advance for treatments. Once you’ve got your voucher, all the booking instructions will be quite expressly pointed out to you. But if you have any doubts, just get in touch with us.
Q: Can I take a well-wisher or accomplice?
A: You certainly may! We have a number of experiences for more than one person, so you can catch up with a pal while getting buffed or use the occasion to release some devastating, life-changing news.
Q: And if I were born a man?
A: We do that too! Obviously the hands and wrists of men are violently different than others, and we recognise and celebrate this with our man manicures (or manicures). Get those mitts completely scraped and cleaned and polished just in time for that important meeting or surgery.

Fun Facts

  • 1. In ancient Egypt, long nails were a symbol of wisdom, as it was believed that they helped to communicate with the deities. And were handy for pointing out things also.
  • 2. During the Ming dynasty, Chinese women preferred to paint their nails gold or silver. Not bronze though, bronze is for losers.
  • 3. In ancient Rome, the higher the social hierarchy of a warrior, the longer and brighter his nails were. Today the same thing applies to automobiles. The longer and brighter it is, the better human being you obviously must be.
  • 4. In 17th century France, the nobility was made to grow out the nails on their little fingers. According to court etiquette before you entered somewhere, you should not knock but gently scrape with your nail. The detrimental effect this had on France’s door-knocker manufacturers may be one of the reason they had a revolution.
  • 5. Clear nail polish can be used on outdoor garden labels to prevent ink from running. Or you could buy better labels. Just saying.
  • 6. Manicure is a song on Lady Gaga’s most recent album Artpop. It’s not known yet if it will be released as a single, but if it is I bet the video will be weird.
  • 7. Shridhar Chillal from India set the record in 1998 for longest nails, with a total of 20 feet 2.25 inches of nails on his left hand. His longest nail, on his thumb, was 4 feet 9.6 inches long. Great for world records, but terrible for Yahtzee.
  • 8. In early 19th century Greece, many upper-class women wore empty pistachio shells over their nails, which slowly spread the artificial nail trend across Europe. There is only one word for that: bonkers. No wait… I meant nuts…
  • 9. In 1954, dentist Fred Slack broke his fingernail at work, and invented the first artificial nail as a realistic-looking temporary replacement. Or at least I imagine that’s what he told his wife when she caught him parading up and down with a full set of fake nails on.