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Pedicures: Everything you need to know

Perfecting your party look? Don’t forget to grab that pedicure voucher from Wish! Make sure your feet are in tip-top condition with a fresh coat of polish for those neglected tootsies.

Book your pedicure at a range of salons throughout the UK - there are even luxury pedicure treatments at Champneys if only the best will do. If you’re looking for the full monty, our O Spa vouchers combine a great manicure and pedicure in one fabulous express treatment.

Delivery is free on everything at Wish: purchase your voucher today and call to arrange your appointment when it suits you.

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Q: The foot thing? Exciting!
A: Yes! Yes it is! A pedicure is not just a toenail treatment, but also helps to deal with rough skin on the base of the foot and other skin problems on the ankle and lower leg.
Q: Great! Why should I bother?
A: As well as getting rid of tired skins and making your toes look outrageously special, it is also relaxing and you’ll often get a foot massage thrown in.
Q: Do I get any say in the matter?
A: Totally! Your beautician will discuss the look you want for your nails before they are painted in the colour of your choice.
Q: I am so completely on board with all of this – how long will I need to put aside in my busy, busy day?
A: Depends on the variety of pedicure you pick, but usually anything from 20 minutes to an hour of amazing foot action.
Q: I assume I’ll have to hightail to some major metropolitan centre to have such an exclusive activity signed off?
A: Oh no! All this takes place at spas and salons at locations literally all over the UK. There is sure to be one near you, unless you live somewhere weird. In which case, why bother?
Q: Good point. So can I get anything else on top of the pedicure?
A: Of course! Have other treatments if you buy more of a pamper package type thing which could include massages, facials and manicures or full use of spa facilities. But maybe not. Check the details on the experience you prefer. But you can also combine your pedicure with other activities, with afternoon tea, booze and even a weekend away in a luxury hotel!
Q: Do you have anything crazy and fish related?
A: Yes! Fish pedicures! They have become very popular in recent years and involve putting your feet into a tank of small fish (nicknamed 'physio fish' or 'nibbler fish') who then feed off unhealthy foot skin. This spa pedicure treatment is available in some of our locations.

Fun Facts

  • 1. The word pedicure is derived from the Latin word ‘pedis’, which means ‘of the foot’ and ‘cura’, which means ‘care’. Foot care? Pedicure means foot care? Those crazy Latins.
  • 2. In southern Babylonia, noblemen used solid gold tools to give themselves manicures and pedicures. And what about Northern Babylonia? What are they, chopped liver?
  • 3. In China around 3000 BC, nail colour indicated one’s social status, according to a Ming Dynasty manuscript. Royal fingernails were painted black and red. Which indicated their regal status, or else they were massive Cardiff City fans.
  • 4. Cleopatra’s nails were said to be painted a deep red, whereas Queen Nefertiti went with a flashier ruby shade. They were the veritable Lady Gagas of their day. Without the remix by Skrillex.
  • 5. In ancient Egypt and Rome, military commanders painted their nails to match their lips before they went off into battle. So they made sure their make-up didn’t clash, while they did?
  • 6. Pumice stone is created when super-heated, highly pressurized rock is violently ejected from a volcano. Which is a lot to go through to end up being rubbed on a posh lady’s feet.
  • 7. Nail polish today is a refined version of vehicle paint. But this doesn’t mean you should tell your other half that their make-up looks ‘Vauxhall Corsa-esque’. It may result in injury.
  • 8. Ancient Chinese people invented long metal cones that could be placed over the fingernails to protect them as they grew. And I bet ancient Chinese students got drunk and stuck them on their heads.
  • 9. Revlon was founded in 1931 by Charles Revson, his brother Joseph, plus chemist, Charles Lachman, who contributed the ‘L’ to the Revlon name. They started with a single product: a new type of nail enamel using pigments instead of dyes. This process meant there were a wider variety of colours available, some of which are still popular and advertised with completely baffling television commercials to this day.
  • 10. In 1991, a woman from California named Louise Hollis set (and still holds) the record for the longest combined toenail length. Her 10 nails were 7.25 feet long. I imagine she must also have had a pretty extensive flip-flop collection.