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Spa Days for One

Spa Days For One: Everything you need to know

Sometimes we all need to get away from it all and enjoy a little time alone. Our spa days for one give you the chance to enjoy a little peace at a premium spa of your choice, and they also make ideal gifts for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day.

If you (or your loved one) want nothing more than a day of blissful relaxation at Champneys, you can choose the Henlow Grange spa in Bedfordshire, the Forest Mere spa in Hampshire or Springs Heath spa in Leicestershire; if you want the full works, choose the premium spa treat at Champneys in Tring.

Clarice House spas are available in Bury St Edmunds or Colchester, ideal if you’re looking for a relaxing retreat in the south east of England. Ragdale Hall spa is situated in Leicestershire, and their expert therapists will be on-hand to provide complimentary massages during your pamper day. Whatever you choose, you’ll have access to all the facilities.

Whether you love to lounge or you’re a fitness fanatic, there’s sure to be an activity to keep you busy - or not, whichever you prefer. Some spa treats also include a healthy lunch to keep you energised, or some complimentary treatments.

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Q: I love having gloop thrown on me, but hate people. What can I do?
A: How’s about a solo spa day!
Q: Solo as in Han?
A: No, solo as in alone. Pick up a spa voucher and you can take yourself for some much needed R&R. Which on this occasion stands for rest and relaxation.
Q: But what can I have done to me?
A: Our vouchers cover a range of different experiences at loads of spas and health clubs. You can use all of the facilities at your selected location for no extra fee, although treatments (such as manicures and massages) may cost extra. It totes (totally) depends on which experience you pick.
Q: So it’s all rubbing and moisture?
A: There is all sorts of crazy bull-hickey on offer. Some are geared more towards pampering, massages and treatments, whereas some will be more suitable for people who like to kick back with yoga, swimming and pilates. You know: freaks. Treatments (such as manicures and massages) are restricted: you might get one or two, or none at all, but this will be clearly mentioned in the description so you can check before you buy. Often, you can choose to buy additional treatments when you arrive if you’d like to. For day-long visits, a buffet lunch or light refreshments will normally be provided, but check with the venue before you get there if you’re not sure.
Q: I’ve got one of those friends that, y’know, well not too get into it too deep, but now they want to come? Can they tag along (again) and pay or something?
A: Check with the operator or us. It will probably make more sense to swap your voucher for a two person one, which you can do instantly online on our website. Have a goggle at our Spa Days for Two category or we sometimes run two-for-one offers, so keep your eyes peeled and you might just nab a bargain.
Q: And where can I go? Swindon?
A: There are spas all over the shop. There are Champneys at Henlow Grange spa in Bedfordshire, the Forest Mere spa in Hampshire or Springs Heath spa in Leicestershire, plus others. Then Clarice House spas are available in Bury St Edmunds or Colchester. And then many, many others.
Q: I like to bulk out my wallet with stuff, can I join my chosen health club on the day?
A: Yes, if they offer a membership scheme you’ll be given the opportunity to join, sometimes at a discount. But you don’t have to, so don’t panic.
Q: I like to pretend I have an exciting double life and subsequently travel light everywhere? With that in mind, what do I wear and bring?
A: Depend what you are doing, but on the whole it’s wise to bring loose, comfortable clothing, trainers and a swimming costume. We don’t charge you any hidden extras, but you might decide to purchase additional products, refreshments or treatments on the day. You might be able to ‘rent-a-robe’ also. And don’t forget to take your voucher along.
Q: Oh, I’m seven, now what?
A: Some places don’t allow things under 16 years of age. If you’re buying a spa day as a treat for the young people in your life, give us a call before you purchase and we’ll tell you if there’s a spa in your area that can accommodate them.
Q: What if I’m like... y’know... a dude?
A: We have spa breaks aimed at everyone! Even brodacious ones for men.
Q: And my various rashes and sores?
A: If you have any medical conditions that might prevent your enjoyment of any treatments, just ask us or the supplier before you book and we’ll help you as much as we can.

Fun Facts

  • 1. Being treated at a spa is also known as balneotherapy. Not by anyone we’ve ever encountered, but it’s in the dictionary, look it up.
  • 2. The belief in the curative powers of mineral waters is thought to date back to prehistoric times. No you come to mention it, I’m pretty sure the Flintstones did go to a spa during one episode. Though that might have been when I had concussion.
  • 3. The term ‘spa’ is derived from town of Spa, Belgium, a famed site of healing cold springs. So really you should refer to them as ‘spa, belgiums’ to give them their proper title.
  • 4. Agatha Christie's fictional detective Hercule Poirot was born in Spa. Except he was fictional so not actually born anywhere.
  • 5. Since medieval times, illnesses caused by iron deficiency were treated by drinking chalybeate or iron-bearing spring water. Did it make them hard as nails? Of course it did.
  • 6. The first resort in England for drinking medicinal waters was Harrogate, which became known as The English Spaw in 1596. I can think of another seaside town known as The English Spew, but will not name them for reasons of decorum.
  • 7. Another theory for the origin of the word spa is that it’s an acronym of various Latin phrases such as ‘Salus Per Aquam or ‘Sanitas Per Aquam’ which means ‘health through water’. Is this a Boris Johnson theory? Sounds like a mad thing he’d say.
  • 8. It was the ancient Greeks who undertook bathing regimens that formed the foundation for modern spa procedures. Even the bit where the receptionist gives you a dirty look because of the state of your trunks. Even that started in Ancient Greece.
  • 9. Luxurious alabaster bathtubs excavated in Akrotiri, Santorini date from the mid-2nd millennium BC. I can only hope some witty archaeologist shouted ‘Eureka’ when they found the bath.
  • 10. The ancient Romans loved their communal baths so much they added libraries, lecture halls, gymnasiums, and formal gardens to the complexes. So basically a Leisure Centre then? Except with no scary teenagers hanging around outside, trying to nick your locker and Twix money.