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Spa Days For Two: Everything you need to know

It’s all to easy to get caught up in the daily grind: work, commuting, stress and so on. Sometimes you just need to forget about it all for a day. Well, we can help!

Our spa days for two allow you to enjoy all the facilities at a premium spa with your loved one: treat your better half on Valentine’s Day, or invite your best mate and invest a proper catching-up-session.

Our A-list spa days offer nothing but the best in premium treatments: choose your venue from a Marriott Hotel, a Bannatyne Health Club, a Dove Spa, Champneys or the four-star Rowhill Grange retreat.

For a truly memorable spa experience, take a trip to Homewood Park near Bath and enjoy lolling around in the naturally heated springs: bliss!

Hey, city bods: if all that pollution and rushing about has taken its toll, book into the Elemis Day Spa in Mayfair for a fabulous Exotic Steam Rasul treatment: you’ll feel completely rejuvenated after your session in this chic spa which features herbal cleansing in an Arabian steam temple, followed by a warm shower of ‘rain’ to finish. Oh, we’ll throw in a package of anti-ageing goodies too.

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Q: So does this refer to two people or two spas in some way?
A: Two people! Take along your significant other, your insignificant other, or that weatherman you like.
Q: But what can I possibly have done to me and the other person?
A: An absolute whole slew of things! Depending on the kind of experience you book. Some are based around certain treatments (like massages and pedicures) with others you’ll have the run of the place and have the opportunity to purchase additional things to have done to you.
Q: But I can’t decide, I simply can’t decide?
A: Then purchase one of our Spa & Indulgent Experiences for Two that can be used at over 120 locations around the UK.
Q: For various legal reasons, I have to be continually moving, will that affect my time at the spa?
A: Your length of time at the venue will depend on the experience you buy. But to get the best value from your day pass, you should turn up nice and early. If your excitedly hopping outside the front door holding a towel before they open, that will please us. Remember to check the fitness class schedule ahead of your visit if there’s anything you particularly want to do.
Q: Can I bring the kids? If I decide to have any?
A: Most spas enforce an adults-only rule so kids aren’t normally allowed to attend. For most of our spa packages, the minimum age for both attendees will be 16 years and teens will need to attend with a responsible adult.
Q: What if I never want to leave? Ever?
A: Some spa breaks offer the chance to combine your voucher with a stay in an attached hotel. Take a spin through all our experiences and you’ll see a selection. If you want a little luxury without staying over, combine your spa break with afternoon tea or a free premium cosmetics gift set and stuff like that.
Q: Do you have any spa vouchers for men?
A: Dude! Totally! Any of our Spa Days for Two vouchers are suitable for men (or couples). If you’re looking for a tailor-made spa experience, have a look in our Men’s Spa Days section.
Q: What do I have to bring?
A: Wear loose comfortable clothing you don’t mind slipping out of at the drop of a hat. Towels, slippers and robes are provided are either provided free or available to rent, depending on the experience but please bring your own swimwear. If you’re not sure what you’re getting, just ask us.

Fun Facts

  • 1. In the 17th century, most upper-class Europeans washed their clothes with water often but only washed their faces, feeling that bathing the entire body was a lower-class activity. They must have had to use loads of roll-on deodorant back in those days.
  • 2. The first truly popular spa in America was in Saratoga Springs, which by 1815, had two large Greek revival hotels. Which was great if you were a Greek who needed to be revived, but what about the rest of us?
  • 3. Many ‘Onsen’, or traditional Japanese bath houses, ban bathers with tattoos which are perceived as a badge of criminality. Especially if they read ‘Robber’ or ‘Identity Thief’.
  • 4. Around 340,000 people are thought to work in the spa industry just in the United States alone. Sadly not all at one great big massive spa in the middle, which would awesome.
  • 5. According to research there are about 150 million active spa goers worldwide. That is a lot of damp towels to deal with.
  • 6. Purified nightingale droppings are one crazy ingredients used as a special spa facial treatment. But afterwards I imagine you can whistle extraordinarily well.
  • 7. In the Shirodhara treatment, warm oil is dripped onto a person’s forehead to promote calm and balance. The same technique works really well on my Vauxhall Viva.
  • 8. A spa is also a term used for a soda fountain, usually located in the New England area of the USA. So if you are visiting the area, make sure you’re not in some soft drink emporium before dropping trow and demanding to be rubbed.
  • 9. The waters of Leamington Spa were believed to cure rabies. I’m not sure who propagated this false rumour and what advantage they would gain from it? Were they trying to attract that wealthy ‘rabies sufferer’ crowd to their town?