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Makeovers & Photoshoots: Everything you need to know

Our makeover experience days are great for anyone who fancies having a go at modelling, and you’ll love meeting up with pro stylists and photographers to work on your look.

These photo packages are the real deal, all held in professional photo studios, and you can bring multiple outfits to see what works best with the varying themes and backdrops. Special photo shoot packages are available for kids, mums and babies, but you could also pick up a couples photo shoot voucher and capture the moment with your loved one. If you’re expecting, the Mum-to-be package is just the thing to record a completely unique portrait as a memento.

For Your Eyes Only photo shoots offer a slightly more raunchy take on the traditional shoot, and you’ll love the classy, sexy results! Don’t worry about being in a room full of strangers in your undies: the session is staffed by an all-female team to make you feel completely at ease. Pick up a voucher for the deluxe makeover for two, and enjoy mini treatments, a haircut or colour and a yummy glass of Bucks Fizz to get you in the mood. (Dressing as Cheryl Baker is entirely optional).

On the menu


Q: Makeovers and photoshoots? What manner of sorcery is this?
A: We just want to make you look brilliant with the added possibility of having your picture taken afterwards to prove your new fabulous stylings.
Q: So I have to do both?
A: Nope. You can just get a makeover to highlight your fabulousness. Most of our photoshoots involve getting some form of makeover first of different sorts.
Q: Such as?
A: We run the gamut. We have photoshoots where you made to look like a 1950’s pin up, one where you get your fashion fixed and even one that is more ‘saucy’ in spirit, where tasteful nude shots are taken.
Q: How long will my makeover take?
A: Sort of depends which one you go for, but usually you can expect to be at the venue for at least 3 hours. During this time you’ll be given your new look, including make-up and hair styling. If a photo shoot is included, it will be after you’ve been spruced (obvs). You’ll then be invited to a viewing session where you can choose a free print and buy additional prints if you want to. Note that the viewing session sometimes takes place on a different day to the shoot, so if you’re travelling, it’s a good idea to check this.
Q: Do I need to take anything? Like tubes?
A: Tubes? No. Sometimes you’ll need to take your own changes of clothes and accessories, but this will be clearly noted on the experience page.
Q: Will they be messing with my hair? Because that is the basis of my whole personality?
A: Some makeovers include haircuts: sometimes your hair will just be re-styled. If you want a new ‘do, we do have vouchers for top-quality salon haircuts elsewhere, so you can always buy both!
Q: What about kids? Where do they come into the picture?
A: Children and young teens aren’t permitted to attend the makeover experiences. But we do offer alternative versions for kids which are more suitable.
Q: And my partner? Who acts like a child?
A: Yes! Them too. We have couples, families, babies and pregnant ladies shoots available. .
Q: And Sir Ian Botham?
A: Sorry?
Q: That’s the name of my Labrador.
A: Oh I see. You are in luck! We have a very special makeover and photoshoot for pets! .

Fun Facts

  • 1. Cosmetic products like lipstick and nail polish have a shimmer and shine to them that is sometimes derived from-fish scales. But it won’t make up a better swimmer. No matter how much make-up you wear at your local lido (as I found to my cost).
  • 2. The word ‘cosmetic’ comes from the Greek word kosmos, which means ‘of this world’ or ‘worldly’. And I think it might mean Cosmos too, but I could be wrong.
  • 3. It wasn’t until 1920 when Coco Chanel was on a cruise to the French Riviera and accidentally got sunburnt that tans became popular. So she exchanged her ‘little black dress’ for her ‘big red face’.
  • 4. In ancient Rome, a woman wanting to dye her hair black mixed leeches and vinegar, leaving them to ferment for two months before applying it. I think I’d prefer actual blackheads to that.
  • 5. The Chinese first invented nail polish by combining beeswax, gum, coloured powder and egg whites. The sounds more like a ‘nail soufflé’ to me.
  • 6. In ancient Rome as well as other parts of the world, people would whiten their teeth by brushing and gargling with urine. Which is the reason why you should never let an ancient Roman borrow your toothbrush.
  • 7. In 1856, Adolphe Braun published a book containing photographs of Virginia Oldoini, Countess di Castiglione, a noblewoman at the court of Napoleon III, making her the first fashion model. Though sadly I imagine she never married, as footballers and rock stars weren’t invented yet.
  • 8. Vogue magazine was first published in 1892, aimed at aristocratic New Yorkers of both sexes. The fictional magazine for three piece female vocal groups, En-Vogue, started a few years later.
  • 9. The word photography derives from the Greek and translates literally as ‘drawing with light’. Which is what you do with sparklers, so that doesn’t make sense for a start.
  • 10. Rhein II, a photograph made by German Andreas Gursky in 1999 was auctioned for $4.3 million in 2011, making it the most expensive photograph ever sold. That must have been a nervous day at Snappy Snaps, when he was getting that developed.