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Men's Spa Days

Men's Spa Days: Everything you need to know

Guys: don’t feel you’re neglected when it comes to spa treatments. Our men’s spa treats are designed specifically for the boys, and each one comes tailor-made to you. Some even come packaged with complimentary deep tissue massage treatments.

London boys can choose the Scin spa in Notting Hill for a back treatment like no other: ideal to cleanse and refresh before tanning or a beach holiday, or just to revisalise and feel as good as new. Scin back treatments include full cleansing and exfoliation and a moisturising treatment to leave you feeling fantastic: it’s the ideal way to chill out, and you only need to put aside an hour of your day.

For a more complete spa experience, the Men’s MOT Spa Day at Bannatyne’s has it all: full access to the gym, sauna and jacuzzi, plus your choice of deep-muscle massages: great if you’ve been working (or playing) hard. A qualified massage therapist will give you a choice of deep-muscle massages to tackle stress, back pain and more.

Bannatyne’s clubs are dotted all around the UK, so no matter what kind of MOT you choose, you don’t need to work up and road rage getting there.

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Q: A spa break? For MEN?
A: Yes. It’s the 21st Century. These things happen now.
Q: So how is this different to lady ones?
A: The treatments included in our Men’s Spa Days section include massages tailor-made to invigorate and refresh, including sports ones. Any skin treatments include cleansing and exfoliation treatments specifically for the rugged skin of a big old manly man.
Q: Sounds manly! Any other manly things?
A: How about a wet shave?
Q: How dare you...
A: No, hear me out. Get a refreshing, professional wet shave and hot towel treatment at special male grooming establishments.
Q: But why shave me when there are so many other problems?
A: You can get restyled completely with wardrobe fix-its, personal shopping, professional styling, haircuts, makeovers and more! Have a drift through our full list of experiences.
Q: So are these special men spas attached to a B&Q or Halfords?
A: No. The health clubs and spas we work with vary slightly depending on the type of voucher. Men’s spa days and spa breaks take place at fancy-schmancy spas run by the experts: Bannatyne’s and Scin are just two of the premium spas we work with. There are boy spas all over, so you should be able to find one near to you.
Q: So how long will this take, I’m a busy business man from the 1970’s?
A: You can get a quick beautifying blast for a quick massage or skin treatment. Some of our spa vouchers actually only last about an hour, whereas some last the whole weekend. You should be able to find something to suit his busy schedule, and if it doesn’t, you can log on to and swap it for something else free of charge.
Q: I’m a highly stressed eleven year-old, what can be done?
A: Most of our man spa-ing is for people 18 years old and over I’m afraid. .
Q: Is there anything that can curtail my enjoyment?
A: There may be some medical restrictions connected to some of the treatments on offer. If you have any concerns, just ask when you are booking or contact us at any time.

Fun Facts

  • 1. It is claimed that peanut butter can be used as an alternative to shaving cream. Perfect for a smooth shave, or a crunchy one.
  • 2. Around 10,000 BC, scented oils were a popular method of cleaning and softening skin and masking body odour. And for running their motor scooters I assume.
  • 3. The word cologne originated in Cologne, Germany, when an Italian perfumer, Giovanni Maria Farina, concocted a scent that reminded him of an Italian spring morning and named it after his new hometown. Lucky he didn’t live in Bad Gottleuba-Berggießhübel. It would never have fitted on the bottle.

  • 4. Barbers (then known as ‘barber surgeons’) also performed surgery and dentistry in medieval times. Which must have made the casual conversation about holidays and football even more awkward.
  • 5. The barber’s pole, which dates back to the Middle Ages, is a staff or pole with a helix of red and white coloured stripes and may be connected to the barber’s practice of bloodletting. So they are not all Sunderland fans? No wonder they all look at me funny when I start talking about Sunderland.
  • 6. The oldest portrait showing a shaved man with a moustache is an ancient Iranian horseman from 300 BC. It is not known if he was growing it for charity.
  • 7. The longest moustache measures 14ft and belongs to Indian Ram Singh Chauhan. I feel that if your moustache is longer than the average saloon car, then you need to ask yourself where your life is going.
  • 8. Before the advent of razors, hair was sometimes removed using two shells to grip and pull the follicle out. Which is probably why beards were so popular back then.
  • 9. The first electric razor was designed and built by Jacob Schick in 1928 or, as it is better known, the ‘Year of the Schick’ (possibly).