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Relaxation: Everything you need to know

Stressed? Hassled? Harried? In need of some serious ‘you-time’? Well whatever you’re doing, stop it.

Now. It’s not that important, and you are. Our sublimely laid-back spa days are just the ticket to get your mojo working again in blissfully chillaxed fashion.

Get pampered in a manner you could definitely become accustomed too at a classy four-star hotel spa, untense yourself with a full body massage, or simply escape into your own little bubble in a dreamy flotation tank.

If you want to treat someone special, you can make it a trip for two, and why not do lunch afterwards?

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Q: What’s the most indulgent relaxation treat I can buy?
A: It doesn’t get much more indulgent than a full body massage, although the chocolate body wrap is a sensory delight in itself. If you can’t decide, pick a spa day or spa break that includes the full use of all facilities at your chosen spa.
Q: Oo-err, a floatation tank! What’s that for?
A: A floatation tank is an enclosed pod filled with a warm Epsom salt solution. This makes it dead easy to float effortlessly while enjoying the serenity and low light. All pods are designed to be easily opened from the inside, so they’re perfectly safe. Some venues use floatation pools which are the same thing but better for people who are uneasy with enclosed spaces. The salons advise us that not a good idea to shave before climbing into a floatation tank. We’re not sure if this is for health reasons or just because they like seeing really hairy legs. Let us know.
Q: How long will my massage experience last for?
A: Some massages are designed to be taken as quick time-outs during a busy day, so you can even pop in on your lunch break if you’re feeling frazzled. Don’t forget to call and make your appointment before you arrive. Swedish massages, full body massages and body wraps take around an hour.