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Duty Calls Battlefield Experience

If you love a first person shooter, shoot the first person you see – for reals! Experience an exhilarating combat simulation with Duty Calls.
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  • Can you hear the Call of Duty?
  • Drop the joystick and get real
  • Includes all ammo and kit
  • Genuine battle field training

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"The bitter taste of the smoke from the grenades, the deafening explosions, the thrill of seeing everyone working together. For anyone who has only experienced combat through Call of Duty this is a different world." Staggered

Whether you are a doyen of sophisticated electronic shooting-people type games or enjoy grabbing a stick and shouting ‘AH-NA-NA-NA-NA’ loudly, you will love this.

In this unique, exhilarating day of action, the dudes who created Zombie Boot Camp and The Asylum will ensure that you and your group will be called upon to face a genuine battleground exercise, using all your wiles and training to complete your fictional mission with maximum efficiency.

After the initial introduction and briefing from an expert army training aficionado, you’ll be taught the skills and techniques needed to survive in hostile conditions. Kitted out in your Special Forces style gear with helmet, boots, goggles and bullet-proof vest, you’ll feel like a real vital fighting machine.

You’ll be equipped with a weapon similar to an AK47 assault rifle or US Army M4 Carbine, which you will be asked to name so you bond with it correctly, and then you’ll be taught a range of assault tactics. Room and vehicle clearance anti-ambush drills, rescue moves, pointing, shouting, wearing a helmet and use of pyrotechnics will all be touched upon. You'll learn to work in pairs and four-man teams and you’ll need nerves of steel and a will of iron. And possibly a brass spleen.

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What happens on the day?

After time spent on the firing range, perfecting your pinpoint accuracy and Close Quarter Battle (CBQ) techniques, you’ll be drilled in genuine army techniques that could save your life if you ever find yourself in Fallujah or Cardiff on a Saturday night. This includes explosive entry drills and other bad guy bashing stuff.

Then, as a final challenge, you will clear a building of insurgents, avoiding live enemy operatives who will be shouting, shooting and throwing things at you. You need to take them out before they take you out. And not in the nice Paddy McGuinness ‘Take Me Out’ way. It’s thrilling, extreme and really fun. On successful completion of the mission squads will return to be debriefed, re-briefed and redeployed.

It’s like a video game come to life! By which we don’t mean Donkey Kong or Wizards of Galgorth. Rather than staring at a screen, drooling slightly and exercising your thumbs, you will need all your mental and physical agility to complete the exercise valiantly and save the rest of your crew. Perfect for a hen or stag occasion, a team bonding endeavor or the physical embodiment of your online games-playing chums, this is an adventure you will never forget, even if a super-villain aims a ray at your forehead.

Don’t be barmy, get in the army! Or the closest thing to it, with this astounding, thrilling, rooting, shooting Duty Calls Battlefield Experience!

Q. Where is the Duty Calls Battlefield Experience and how do I get there?
A. The experience is located in Drioitwich and the postcode is WR9 0NR.
Q. Do you take group bookings?
A. Some things are more fun in groups. We think this is one of them. Each group will comprise of 12 people. If you have less than that in your group, you will be placed with others to make the group number up to 12. If you want to book for a group, just update the 'Quantity' field up top next to "Add to Basket". If you would like to speak to us about large corporate bookings, please email us and we can discuss your requirements.
Q. Are there any extra costs on the day?
A. No, none at all. Everything you need including outerwear, ammo and kit is all included.
Q. Do you offer group discounts?
A. As we already offer the best price for this experience, we don't provide any group discounts. However, if you are booking for a group you are entitled to take advantage of our VIP group bookings service whereby we can assist with looking into travel and accommodation etc. Please email us for more information.
Q. When does it run?
A. This experience runs on Tuesdays - Sundays only.
Q. What should I wear?
A. Please bring suitable clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty. You will be provided with suitable outwear, boots and protective clothing to put over your clothes.
Q. What weapons will we use?
A. The weapons include AK47 Paintball Guns and the experience will also involve the use of Pyrotechnics in the form of grenades to give a genuine battleground simulation.
Q. Do I need to be fit? Will I get hurt?
A. This event is physical in nature and therefore requires that participants all have a reasonable level of fitness. Any underlying medical conditions must be discussed with the organisers when booking.
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Customer Reviews

5 out of 5

War is Heck

Dressed up in assault vests, boots, helmets and goggles, we looked like proper soldiers, ready to die in some oil-rich foreign land. We were issued with firearms and given safety instructions, then learned basic moves like shooting baddies, taking cover and maintaining bladder control when one of those grenades goes off.

I did SWAT training as a team-building day with a group of fairly tame guys and girls (office workers - more brains than brawn). Actually, the girls were all far better than me and it was an honour to serve with them.

The instructor is a real soldier you wouldn't mess with, but he was encouraging and a good teacher - not at all cruel. He took us through real army training with a focus on how to work as a team to clear rooms of enemies and not get ourselves killed in the fog of war.

If you play video games like Call of Duty, this will be right up your street. I'm not in to that stuff, but playing soldiers for real with my team mates was a lot of fun.

Review by Scott Barnham

5 out of 5

Fantastic experience - really enjoyable!

What a fantastic experience! The day was really good fun and pitched at just the right level so that it was challenging and felt like the real deal.

The instructors were spot on - you could tell straight away that they had genuine military training, but at the same time were friendly and approachable.

Highly recommended for girls and guys alike.

Review by Samuel Page

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Terms & Conditions
Your voucher is valid for ten months. This experience is for one person. This experience is not available on Mondays. Minimum age is 16. Maximum waist size is 46in – due to standard military sizes the supplier is unable to provide XXL size items. You are required to advise the supplier of any existing medical conditions. Due to kinetic aspects of experience we recommend that customers are in a reasonable state of fitness. Asthma suffers must bring along a blue inhaler in case of an attack. The event is deemed unsuitable for those with respiratory or cardio conditions. Customers will be operating in some circumstances in dark confined spaces. All customers must sign a safety waiver prior to starting event. You are advised to wear light weight walking trousers, long sleeve sweat shirt and walking/sports socks. Customers with feet size 11 plus should plan to bring their own appropriate outdoor footwear. Please allow up to 4 hours for this experience. All dates are subject to availability.