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Richard Kershaw, Co-Founder

Richard's background is in affiliate marketing, where companies allow anybody the chance to sell their products on a commission-only basis. He setup his first business back in 2005, working as an gun-for-hire for some of the Britain's biggest brands.

He quit his day job at a low-rent startup in 2006, sublet his flat in London and decided to travel the world with nothing more than a laptop & sites like (Be sure to check out their handiwork on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube)

In 2011, he returned to London to setup with Stephen Pavlovich.

Pop Fact: 80s pop sensation Billy Ocean used to be Richard's landlord.

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Stephen Pavlovich, Co-Founder

Stephen's other business helps the world's biggest brands make more sales.

Stephen's secret weapon is "conversion optimisation", the art and science of turning more website visitors into buyers - and Stephen is one of the world's leading experts.

He has spoken in the United States, Australia, across Europe - Google even flew him to Washington DC to showcase his methods.

In conversion optimisation, each and every element of a website can be varied and tested using a rigorous scientific method to see the impact on the one thing that really matters: the clients' bottom line.

He now divides his time between, his agency in London, and

Laura, Superstar™

Laura graduated from the London School of Musical Theatre in 2001 and spent her 20s as a session singer, songwriter and performer in theatre and the music industry.

She also worked in a diverse range of jobs, from extra work in EastEnders to working at Abbey Road Studios to interviewing bands for Living TV.

(Suggestions that her expertise managing superstar egos at Abbey Road set her up for a life at are entirely unfounded.)

A chance introduction via a mutual friend - the boss of the world's biggest cougar dating website, natch - lead to one of her first clients: Richard Kershaw.

When Richard and his business partner Stephen launched, Laura was the first person they called.

Pop Fact: Laura's parallel acting career has included appearances in EastEnders and Casualty (Alas, sans her regulation T-shirt).

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The Dale Shaw, Writer

Content guru and copywriter Dale plies his trade as a comedy writer and has written for the likes of That Mitchell and Webb Sound and Russell Howard’s Good News.

Pop Fact: Dale worked in an East Village video rentals shop in a previous life. Regular rock star clients included Lou Reed and the Magnetic Fields' Stephin Merritt.

Claire Broadley, Writer

The second member of our copywriting team is superstar Claire. When she isn’t being literary, she's being musical and touring the globe with her hot synth band Printed Circuit. And, yes, that is face glitter.

Pop Fact: Claire is the only person we know whose Last.FM profile betrays a love of both Creedence Clearwater Revival and obscrube Krautrock legends Neu!.

Scott, Servers & Backend

Scott runs his own web dev agency, as well as doing all sorts of magical bits for us. The most amazing thing? He has never owned or used a computer. He does it all with slide rules, reciting code to us down a crackly phone line.

Sam & Ben, Design & Build

The mindblowing Wish 2.0 website you see before you is thanks to Sam, Ben & the team at 7dots. We are humbled by their design expertise.

Wanna Be In Our Gang?

Want to work for a TechCrunch-feted startup with £10.5m funding from Index Ventures? Dream of working in London's fashionable Silicon Roundabout district? Crave career prospects, jet set travel and a salary to match?

Let us know & we'll be happy to hook you up with our friends at SkimLinks...

However, if you prefer over-laboured puns, remote working, unpredictable workloads and Magento-based ecommerce, we should totally talk.

We work with a crack team of...

  • Writers
  • Designers
  • Magento developers
  • PHP developers
  • PR people/li>

... and we're always looking for awesome contractors for our roster. If you've got The Right Stuff, we'd be delighted to hear from you.

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