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Tiger Moth Flight (20 Minutes)

Be a magnificent man (or lady) in a flying machine as you fly a classic Tiger Moth bi-plane
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6 Locations
  • Race across the skies in a classic biplane.
  • Fly for 20 minutes in a Tiger Moth.
  • Receive expert in-flight tuition.
  • Available April to October.

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The general decline in the quality of Indiana Jones movies show us that things were better in the old days. You can step into the past aeronautically with this flight in a classic Tiger Moth bi-plane.

In this unique experience you’ll enter the cockpit of this flying design classic of the 1930s, an iconic aerial wonder. Donning the requisite goggles and flying jacket, an expert pilot will take you up, up, up and, if you feel up to it, you’ll get to take the controls yourself.

All aircraft have dual controls, so you can’t do anything too damaging. But imagine soaring through the firmament in this iconic bi-plane, just like thousands of RAF bods before you and Snoopy. This is light years away from a low-budget flight from Luton to a small town quite a way outside the actual destination you wish to go to.

You’ll be completely briefed on the basics of aviation: what the wings do, why you don’t try to sniff the propeller, why there aren’t any toilets on the plane. Then it will be just you, the pilot and the Tiger Moth. Power of a tiger, flying ability of a moth. Or hopefully not, as moths seem rubbish at flying, haphazardly batting against a lampshade like idiots.

If there’s someone in your life that loves history or has a passion for classic aviation, this is an experience that can’t be missed. Get them in the sky sharpish in this iconic Tiger Moth bi-plane.
What happens on the day?
During your day, after a briefing on the principles of aviation, it’s time to don your goggles and flying jacket for a 20 minute flight of a lifetime. All flights are taken by expert pilots who are highly experienced instructors and all aircraft have dual controls, so nothing can go wrong and parachutes won’t be required. You will be allowed to fly the plane secure in the knowledge that you have expert assistance watching your every move. If you are happier to fly as a passenger just sit back and enjoy.....
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Terms & Conditions
This voucher is valid for 10 months. The flying season runs from April until October inclusive, except at the Gloucestershire venue which is open all year round. At the West Sussex location this experience is available on weekdays only. At the Shoreham location, it is available on Sundays only. At the Kent and Northamptonshire locations, the season is from April to October. There is no minimum age requirement but you must be at least 4’11 tall. The maximum weight is 16stone. You should be agile as embarking and disembarking is difficult and requires flexibility. Please be advised this may not be suitable for persons who are pregnant, suffer from epilepsy, fits, severe head injuries, recurrent fainting, giddiness or blackouts, high blood pressure, or heart conditions. Please note the plane you fly may differ in livery from the ones shown here. Please note that the aircraft used at the Gloucestershire location (Staverton) is actually a Stampe SV4c which is virtually identical to a Tiger Moth. Please note that the flight time may be chock to chock flight time.