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Indulgent Escape For Two

Get out of this house immediately! And slip into a luxury hotel for a brief respite from your tortured existence!

Yes it’s true! There are buildings you can go to where people will bring you food and clean you nick-nacks when you aren’t there. They are called hotels and we want to thrust you into the beating heart of a fabulous one. Eat gourmet food, sleep on gourmet beds and park in the gourmet car park.

With this flexible and fabulous voucher, you can take your pick from scores of fancy gaffs all around the UK and decide when you want to go, how long you stay for and who you take with you. It may even be you! (No, not you, you over there, with the limp).


View From The Shard and Lunch for 2

Take your relationship to the next level – a really, really high one! With a visit to this new icon on London’s skyline.

Whether you are two young things in the giddy throes of new love, or have completely run out of things to say to each other, this exciting spin up Western Europe’s tallest building is sure to get the conversation flowing. You’ll see magnificent views across the city that was recently voted ‘best capital of England’ by viewers of Loose Women.

But it won’t be just your eyes that will be satisfied – your guts will be happy too! As you also receive a lunch that is so ‘slap up’ that it would be worthy of a scene from the Christmas edition of EastEnders.


Segway Rally For Two

Love is a battlefield! As you will heartily discover as you and your cuddle bunny go head to head in a supreme Segway conflict

If you fear that a simmering set of disputes and petty squabbles could derail your romantic Valentine’s Day fun, then ensure those frustrations are completely dealt with on the ultimate field of honour. The Segway Rally field. You and your companion will hit the course and traverse bumps, turns and humps in an attempt to reign triumphant.

As well as finally proving who is the best at Segwaying, you will also have some extreme, upright fun, trying to master these balance-based speed machines.


Zombie Battle London

Surprise that special someone in your life, especially if they specifically asked for jewellery, by taking them to battle undead freaks in London!


If you are considering doing something different this Valentine’s Day, you can’t get much more different than entering a former nuclear bunker that is filled to the brim with reanimated hordes that are just desperate to munch you down like a freshly picked selection box. You’ll need all your trust, cunning and guile to protect each other and vanquish these beasts.

And the TOWIE funsters were previously there! And if one set of reality show stars know about love and its foibles it’s Arg and the gang. So sign yourself up for some romantic zombie bashing right now.


Romantic Getaway

When is a getaway not romantic? When you’re escaping from a crime or prison! But you won’t be doing that, as this is a romantic getaway.

Pamper that person that you share your life with by dragging them to a wonderful, luxury location for the night. We have so many hotels for you to choose from that there isn’t a number that adequately describes it. Unless you think 70 is an adequate description and frankly we don’t. Though it is quite accurate.

There are country retreats, exciting city excursions and other things in between. Champagne, flowers, chocolates and other could all be available to sluice even more romance into your love-basted adventure.


Helicopter Sightseeing Experience

Yes the special person in your life is whirly, but couldn’t they be whirlyer? One tremendous way to fix this is to get the pair of you in a helicopter!

Helicopters are not just for damaged Vietnam vets and Anneka Rice any more. Delightful cooing love birds like you pair can pop inside the cockpit and be transported into the skies for a unique and airborne vision of the landscape. We offer squillions of copter tours all over the UK, hovering over some of the most scenic bits of our spectacular country.

It’s exciting, unforgettable and possibly quite blowy. Enjoy an elevated status with the person you love by sampling a sensational helicopter tour!


Zombie Manor House

Make sure your love lives forever – by battling legions of the undead! And the surroundings don’t get much creepier than this deserted, isolated Manor House.

Like all of us, I’m sure you’ve looked over at your significant other as they are engaged in some mundane venture, like clipping their toenails or gutting a sea bass and thought ‘how would they cope in the event of a zombie apocalypse? Would they have my back or would they shove me towards the mutants screaming ‘eat them, they’ve got a caramel filled center’?’

Now you can answer these questions and many more with a trip to our celebrated Zombie Manor House, where you’ll traipse the historic nooks and hallways, your lover by your side, and fight these grizzled monsters.


Bannatyne's Luxury Pamper Day For Two

You can’t say Valentine’s without almost saying Bannatyne’s! So pamper your special someone to within an inch of their life at this fabulous spa day.

Of course they’ll be expecting garage bought roses, garage bought chocolates and possibly some garage bought massage oil. But surprise and delight them with this pampering spa day at Duncan ‘I’m Out’ Bannatyne’s swish and wholesome health club at a massive variety of UK locations. You each get your choice of relaxing, smearing treatments.

The two of you get 55 minutes of facials, manicures, massages and more. Plus a literal plethora of other activities to ignite your romantic elements.