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The team that brought you Zombie Boot Camp have got their claws into something scarier: Wolfmen, the UK's first werewolf experience...
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  • Hunt werewolves with AK47s, tripwires and booby traps
  • Get authentic training from military professionals
  • UK's first werewolf experience day
  • Limited availability - book soon to avoid disappointment!

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The lowly werewolf has been cruelly overlooked in recent years. Vampires are everywhere. Zombies have been cluttering up the place with rotting carcasses.

Even Batmen have had a look in, thanks to the popular movie franchise and Prince’s ‘Batdance’ topping the pop charts. Yet it’s been tumbleweeds for werewolves since Teen Wolf.

But we want to redress that balance with the UK's first werewolf experience. No longer will you have to wait until a full moon and then loiter in your local woods searching for werewolves (at least that’s what you told the magistrate). There will be lupine LOLs a-plenty as you battle werewolves face to face.

The team that brought you Zombie Boot Camp have created this terrifying werewolf experience. Zombies are slow, dumb and groany. Werewolves are strong, fast and cunning. It will take all your smarts to tackle these monsters on their own turf under the cover of darkness.

Several months ago a shadowy Special Forces unit disappeared taking part in a top-secret mission... then turned into werewolves. And it’s up to you to punch them in the muzzle.

What happens on the day?

On arrival at the base, you’ll be fully trained and equipped with stab vest, bump cap, safety spectacles and a pair of gloves. Bring along robust clothing and boots suitable for wolf grappling. Oh, and you’ll need a torch. You’ll know why when it happens.

Once divided into combat teams, you’ll explore the infected area, with booby traps and trip wires helping snag these snaggle-toothed villains. You’ll get up close and personal with Wolfie and his pals. They’ll be trying to rip your throat out; you’ll be trying to survive. Your base will be attacked, your safety will be compromised. Not everyone will make it.

Things are going to get hairy in the West Midlands as we dare you to embark on your most terrifying experience ever: Wolfmen.

Q. Where is it?
A. Droitwich, near Birmingham. It's about 20 minutes by train from Birmingham New Street station, else it's an easy drive. If you're flying in, Birmingham Airport will be your best bet.
Q. Is there somewhere for my other half to watch?
A. Alas, there is not. Why not send 'em on a lovely spa day instead?
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5 out of 5

Standing on a roof, with an AK-47, shooting werewolves? We did that.

Fantastic way to spend a Friday evening: armed with automatic weapons, handguns and pump-action shotguns, we were let loose into buildings filled with smoke, alarms, werewolves, their victims and the infected. In the middle of an industrial park in Worcestershire, it doesn't matter what you know to be real and not real anymore: everything is real. The massive creatures coming at you clearly need to be shot at. The most enjoyable part for me was when I was deployed to the roof to be sentinel. Seeing a creature dash across the yard, and screaming "To the right, in the front! Go go go!" was something else. Do this.

Review by Jane

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Terms & Conditions

Your voucher is valid for 10 months. This voucher is for one person. Minimum age is 16. All dates are subject to availability.

This experience is available Fridays (1900-2230) and Saturdays (2000-2330) only. There is a minimum group size requirement of 12 participants to select a specific date. If the group size is smaller than 12 participants, you will be offered already planned dates with spaces for the smaller group size. .

This werewolf experience day is a challenging, kinetic experience; participants should have a reasonable standard of personal fitness. Participants will be operating in some circumstances in dark confined spaces. All participants must sign a safety waiver prior to starting the event. You are advised to wear robust outdoor style clothing, including appropriate footwear such as military boots or walking boots, a fleece or equivalent for cold weather (no scarves) and a decent pair of socks. You are also advised to bring a small torch with batteries.

Please note the supplier does not allow mobile phones or any form of camera on site for the duration of the activities - these will need to left in your car or the supplier’s strong box.