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Yoga for Two at The Shard Plus Free Goodie Bag

Be nimble and spry up in the sky! As you perform the ancient act of yoga up in London’s The Shard!
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  • Enjoy a yoga session up in the clouds!
  • Admire the 360 degree view from the Shard
  • Travel up over 800 feet in the air
  • Incudes a goodie bag each

Locations are an indication only and may be subject to change.

You’ve probably witnessed birds, clouds and mountain goats up in great high places, undertaking some yoga and been filled with a murderous, bitter jealousy.

Well, succumb to those emotions no more! Now you can be up really, really high and conduct yogic movements such as ‘The Sauntering Crab’, ‘Evocation of the Merman’ and ‘Crouching on a Verge’. How? By joining a pal and doing yoga up in The Shard.

Yes, that Shard. The great big tall building in London town. You might have thought it was packed to the gills with businessmen , telephones and hot desks, but there’s also the opportunity to observe on their spectacular observation area, commonly known as The View.

Over 1000ft in the air (or 310 meters if you’re European), The View boasts incredible…well…views all over Her Majesty’s regal areas. You can see interesting places such as Windsor Castle, The River Thames and the Timpsons outside Liverpool Street Station. Will you spot a celebrity? Possibly! Will it be Susie Dent from Countdown’s dictionary corner? Almost certainly!

What happens on the day?

From this glorious vantage point usually reserved for abseilers, bats and window cleaners, you’ll undertake a physical bout of yoga including stretching, bending and moving your arms for an entire hour, guided by top notch instructors. If the weather is nice, this may even take place outside on the open-air platform, so you can throw a bit of breeze into the mix.

But that is far from being all. You’ll also enjoy a private viewing session both before and after the yoga bit. I imagine that after the yoga your ability to point at things in the distance will be even more enhanced. But the gloriousness doesn’t even stop there. After you are all yoga’d out, you’ll both be handed a goodie bag. What’s in the goodie bag? Goodies! No really what’s in it? Goodies! Please I’m getting tired of this now. Goodies!

OK, don’t worry, that man has gone now. The goodies include healthy snacks, skincare products and gift vouchers worth over £100. Now that’s what I call very sensational. And for every person who takes part Yogasphere will plant 10 trees via the charity Trees for the Future. Because what would a future without trees be like? Pretty darn annoying, that’s what.

Yoga! Views! Goodies! Height! It’s everything on my bucket list and beyond! So pick up this yoga deal for two up in The Shard before it’s too pi-late! Sorry.

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Terms & Conditions
Your highly flexible voucher is valid for 10 supple months for two bendy people. This experience is available on Saturdays only, so you won’t have to skip church. Please note the supplier offers a winter schedule (City of Light classes) on Sunday evenings from 7.30pm and this runs from October to the end of February on a Bi-monthly basis. Sessions run from 8:30 – 9:30am – however you will receive a private viewing session before and after the class (you may check-in at The Shard at 8:15 and the building opens to the general public at 10am - try not to catch their eye). Minimum age is 16. All dates are subject to availability. Please let the supplier know in advance if you have any physical restrictions.