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Zombie Blitz 1940

Forget D-Day - this is Z-Day. Take a terrifying trip to WW2 inside Waterloo tube station!
Zombie Blitz 1940Zombie Blitz 1940

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  • Zombie Blitz 1940
  • Zombie Blitz 1940
  • Zombie Blitz 1940
  • Zombie Blitz 1940
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  • Our most awesome venue yet: in Waterloo station!
  • Set in 1940s London during World War 2 and the Blitz
  • Immersive horror experience where you become part of the storyline.
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  • 26th July
  • 30th August
  • 27th September
Not Your Grandpa's Zombie Experience

Unlike our other zombie experiences, this isn't a shoot 'em up - it's an immersive horror experience where you become part of the storyline.

It's currently running on one Sunday per month.

It's 1940. The Blitz rages over London. The population has to take shelter in the tunnels beneath the city street. And a new dance craze called "The Stepney Shuffle" is about to take the world by storm.

But there is an even greater evil to fear...

There's something the chirpy cockneys with their "can-do spirit" don't know. A series of diabolical experiments are taking place beneath the city streets. And that experiment is about to break loose.

You'll be transported back to the early days of the war as you're led from Waterloo station to escape the aerial bombardment occurring overhead. A variety of characters are down in the underground with you, some there to help - and some who are not what they seem.

As the terror of the Blitz crashes around you, using your weapons you'll need to head towards safety through a labyrinth of tunnels and scares, each containing an undefined evil.

Sometimes in complete darkness, you'll need to rely on the nerve of your wartime muckers to escape. But just when you think you've reached the exit, an evil greater horror awaits...

What happens on the day?

With body bags and the corpses of enemy combatants piling up around you, the unworldly experiments of a deranged doctor will be revealed to you. This crazed medic has devised a way to reanimate dead flesh, but sadly has yet to work out how to control his groaning, staggering wards. Now some of these monsters have escaped and they are going to get right up in your grill. Can you escape, before they munch on you like a Westfälische Rinderwurst?

This is unlike anything you will have experienced before. An interactive horror adventure where every nerve will be shredded and your worst fears will be realised.

This is a thrill ride you'll never forget as you'll be transported back to Britain's finest hour to face an unthinkable horrific threat. It's like the most horrible edition of Time Team ever devised, or - if you will - an even more horrible edition of Time Team.

You may think you‘re brave, but do you have a cajones to tackle undead members of the Wehrmacht? There's only one way to find out. Enter the horror of Zombie Blitz 1940.


So is this a blitz of 1940 Zombies, because that's a lot?

No, this experience is set in the year 1940, during the time of the London Blitz.

So it's a bit like 'Goodnight Sweetheart' starring Nick Lyndhurst but with a horror element?

No again. There are no magical alleyways or jokes about nylons. This experience involves a reimagining of those terrifying times, where a new evil is inflicted on the people of London, lying beneath the streets, in the tunnels below Waterloo Station. You will enter the tunnels and face that evil.

Where is it?

In Waterloo tube Station in London's fabulous zone one. Train travel is your best bet, rather than driving. If you are flying into London, the closest airport will be London City (but Heathrow and Gatwick are also fine).

Do I shoot things?

No, this isn’t like our other zombie adventures. Rather than hunting down zombies, this is a more visceral experience, where you travel through a wartime experimental laboratory and its environs, joined by characters from the era, trying to investigate what is taking place and eventually trying to escape and survive.

So should I wear my spiv costume?

If you wish, but it’s not compulsory. There will be others there in the dress of the time helping you on your way. Though some of these people may not be all they seem. But the tunnels can be quite dusty, so don’t turn up in your finest spats. Wear clothing you’re happy to get grubby and sensible footwear. Not platforms or wedges.

When do you want me?

The experience takes place all day, on 1 Sunday per month.

And can you impart to me, in hours and minutes, how long it lasts?

It lasts approximately one hour. Just like an interminable episode of Countryfile. You need to arrive about 30 minutes before the event starts.

Though my wife constantly calls me a child, I'm actually 37. Is that ok?

The event is open to anyone who is 12 years old and above, though anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. If you are 94 years above, you might want to give us a call first and check.

How many people are in a group?

Usually, we take 10-12 people per session with 15 people the maximum per session.

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Customer Reviews

5 out of 5


We recently came back from the Zombie Blitz 1940 and found the whole experience brilliant fun! It was our first zombie experience and we went for the more tame story-based approach, but found it exciting and a good couple hours out. The effects and atmosphere were very tense and thrilling from start to finish! In addition to the brain-hungry extras, the characters you interact with are also great to banter with en-route to a scary escape! We went as a couple and would recommend it for other couples or small groups too.

Review by Karl

5 out of 5

Creepy Crawling

As a veteran of several "zombie experience days" i was pleasantly surprised by how different and fresh Zombie Blitz was in its approach. Chaperoned by an excellent cast you soon delve deep into the mystery of why all this is happening as you search for clues (interspersed with moments of running for your life). This is a physical event so expect plenty of crawling through the pitch black and cowering from terrors. The encounters with the characters you'll meet are worth the price of admission alone. If you ever fancied yourself in a Scooby-Doo-esque gang of friends runnign away from Nazi zombie...well look no further.

Review by Neil Gorton

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