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Zombie Experience in Kent

The grave is not the end somewhere near Gravesend! Zombie hordes have infected Kent and you need to fight them with your hands and face!

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1 Locations
  • Zombies have taken over a secret compound in Kent
  • Runs on Friday, Saturday & Sunday
  • Includes all ammo, training and kit
  • Lasts 2 - 3 hours

Locations are an indication only and may be subject to change.


Whether it’s down to pollution, the rise of reality television or food additives, there are a lot more zombies around these days. And they’re getting too big for their scabby, feculent boots.

In a terrifying part of Kent, a toxic spillage means the dead have come to life and want to get their rotting maws on the fleshiest bits of you. Their demented, brain-heavy feasting plans need to be curtailed.

You and your squadron of brave, soldierly types must enter a location called ‘Witchcraft Village’ and thoroughly deal with them. Even hearing the name ‘Witchcraft Village’ has made me go to the toilet a little bit. Are there zombie witches? Because that would be just awful.

What happens on the day?

On arrival at the secret compound, you’ll be led to the Zombie Evacuation Centre and probed heavily to ensure you’re not a zombie infiltrator. Then instructors will train you in full-on zombie wrangling. How to ensnare then using your wiles, perhaps trying the old Bugs Bunny trick of dressing like a sexy lady zombie and luring them under an anvil.

Then you will be kitted out with lovely items such as a combat jacket, battle vest and combat helmet, as well as some stun grenades, smoke bombs and a fully automatic BB pellet-firing replica M16 Assault rifle with a tracer attachment. And then it’s time to leave and follow the signs to Witchcraft Village until you find Witchcraft Village. Full of Witchcraft Village People.

Then you must sniff out and do battle with the lowest, filthiest, most ‘voted for Christopher on X-Factor-est’ zombie scum in the South-East. You’ll need to unearth hidden explosives, track down vaccine that stops people turning into big zombies and try to locate and save survivors and fellow zombie assailants. Using your training, and more importantly your weapons, you’ll make those undead creatures dead again. It’s what they would have wanted.

Teamwork, cunning and exceptional weapon skills will all be required in this extreme, heart-pounding, trouser-tightening adventure. Darkened paths will need to be cleared, there’s a spooky lab that’s probably haunted and did I mention Witchcraft Village? Oh dear, sorry, had another little accident. It really is giving me the heebie jeebies.

Dare you face the disgusting zombie masses and battle them until they can be battled no more? There’s only one way to find out – embark on this amazing Zombie Experience in Kent.

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Terms & Conditions
Your voucher is valid for 10 spine-tingling months. This voucher is for one gut-withering person. This experience is available on Fridays, Saturdays and bum-clenchingly Sundays only. There is no minimum age but please be aware the experience is very kinetic and is designed to be scary - be prepared for a bit of pushing and shoving and possibly some light jostling. You will have to negotiate a range of challenging environments. Participants must be mobile and in good health. Please inform the supplier if you suffer from claustrophobia, asthma, any existing medical condition or are recovering from an injury or are allergic to zombies. You are advised to wear outdoor footwear (preferably hiking boots) and clothes that you are prepared to get dirty and gore-splattered. Your experience will last approximately 2 ½ hours. Food is available on-site at an additional cost – you will receive complimentary tea, coffee and heart-thumping juice. All dates are subject to availability.