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Roll Your Own Cannonball Run

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The Cannonball Run wasn’t just the greatest film ever made (with the second greatest being Cannonball Run II). Before it was the highest peak of cinematic engineering, it was an actual, real and non-pretend road race from coast to coast, with the fastest mofo crowned the winner, while the rest of the pack took their own lives in shame. But surely a Prius owning, hummus eating, ‘Sister Act’ loving chap like you couldn’t ever be involved in anything as cool as a Cannonball Run, right? Probably, but just in case, here are some pointers. History of Cannonball Run The ‘Run’ or ‘Cannonball Run’ as it’s also known, is named after Erwin G. “Cannon Ball” Baker, who was both famed for driving quickly from coast to coast and having the middle name “Cannon Ball” which was quite unusual for the time. In honour of this great man and as a reaction to the recently enforced American speeding laws, car journalist Brock Yates drove New York to Los Angeles in 40 hours. Then he asked other people to do the same thing and tried to beat them while doing it. This was the both the first ever Cannonball Run and the first… Future 50 Short-list Holders!

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Swimsuit season has not been kind to us here at We simply can’t believe how out of shape we’ve become and now that new beachwear we purchased for our big trip to the Canaries now appears mis-shapen and vindictive. But our shattered confidence received a much needed boost by news that we had made the shortlist for the Real Business Future 50 award, in conjunction with Red Bull. As you will all be aware, the Future 50 list chronicles Britain’s most promising and exciting startups. And we are one of them! Sadly our celebrations involved a case of Cava and an industrial sized tub of Nutella, so joy was short-lived. See a full list of the companies short-listed RIGHT HERE.