Wish.co.uk wins New Media Age & WebUser awards!

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You see? We told you we were great, why didn’t you believe us?

NMADespite your disturbing lack of faith, the good, nay great, folks at Web User (dedicated to those who ‘use’ the ‘web’) and New Media Age (because this is the age of New Media) have decided to recognise our very niceness.

Web User quite rightly gave us a five star review and considered us the website of the fortnight (that’s two whole weeks, which doesn’t sound like much but imagine having the hiccups for that long, then I think you can appreciate the success).

See what they said OVER HERE.

New Media Age scoured our site like virtual Health and Safety Inspectors standing beside a dodgy Waltzer and deemed us  to have ‘strong content’ and ‘seamless choosing experience’.

Here is their fine, fine report RIGHT HERE

Thanks to both for their plaudits and if we gave out awards, you can be sure we’d have you both on the red carpet.

See for yourself and take a look at our great range of experiences RIGHT HERE.