We Gots the Book Smarts!

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Just because you’ve never seen us with a book and that one time we did pick up a book we opened it the wrong way before bursting into tears and hurling it across the room, doesn’t mean we don’t like books.

We love books, especially the lovely, wonderful people at Orion Books who were sweet enough to give readers of Erica James‘ bestseller The Hidden Cottage (spoiler alert: they find the cottage) a chance to win one of our amazing Dove Spa Bliss Packages.

But it’s not just small holding based fiction that we’re all about. To celebrate the release of Robert Wilson’s crime drama Capital Punishment, we offered subscribers of Orion’s newsletter the opportunity to win a theatre break in London including a meal! With two courses!

But it ain’t just book learning types who can enjoy these marvellous experiences. Book your own Dove Spa Sheer Bliss Package RIGHT HERE or a marvellous theatre break UP IN HERE.