Big in Taiwan: “The Borderless World” Vs Zombies

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If there is one thing we pride ourselves on here at, it’s the hand of friendship we show to any visitors from foreign lands who come to sample our wares.

So when Kena Tsang and the gang from The Borderless World, Taiwan’s answer to Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, popped over to look at Zombie Manor House and Zombie Boot Camp, we provided them with the same experience as everyone enjoys.

And as you can see in the picture of Kena, she reacted in as many have reacted. With sheer, blood-draining horror.

Unlike most of our other customers, she then appeared on Saturday night telly to tell millions of viewers across Asia about the funny things English people do for kicks.

While interviewing a professional zombie

Thanks to Kena and the crew, we hope we have made the world slightly more borderless with our actions. Hope to have you guys back soon!

zoe interview