How to Break Even in First Class [Infographic]

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If God wanted us to fly he would have given us wings – or *cough* very reasonably priced flying experiences, right.

But if God wanted us to fly decently, he would have given us all wings and a free upgrade to first class.

Except then we would all be in first class, so they’d have to invent something even more special for the rich people. Maybe titled Omega Class. Then we would all want God to get us in there. Unless you didn’t believe in God at all in which case you shouldn’t be flying anyway. You should be burning in hell.

But surely first class travel is just for rich idiots and chinless yahoos with gross family inheritances or perhaps a Faberge egg farm? We’re the ones with the smarts because although we’re back in steerage with a vomiting nun as a seat companion and a pay turnstile on the toilet, we saved skipfulls of cash.

Or maybe things just ain’t so straightforward, as this non-moving film or ‘picture’ demonstrates…