Breaking Bad’s Walt Jr at Zombie Battle London

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We were hugely proud to have Breaking Bad’s Walt Jr. – actor RJ Mitte – come  battle zombies with us at the end of November. In scenes that looked like a crossover between Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead, RJ posed with battle weary troops and a bunch of shuffling corpses at our most recent Zombie Battle Experience in North Greenwich, London.

Idea for new series: The Walking Bad. First dibs, you heard it hear first.

Idea for awesome new TV series: The Walking Bad. Remember, you heard it here first.

Scientific fact: Breaking Bad was the best TV series ever made. The ground-breaking black comedy-drama traced the downfall of Walter White, a high school teacher  diagnosed with terminal cancer. To pay for his treatment and take care of his family, he turns to crime. Though Bryan Cranston’s harrowing journey as Walter White won the awards, RJ Mitte’s Walt Jr. (sometimes called “Flynn”) was always our favourite character. By the time Breaking Bad reached its epic conclusion almost every character was corrupt, except for our hero.

Breaking Bad may not have had many zombies in it, but in a zombie battle, Walt Jr’s just the kind of guy you’d want fighting by your side – a team player with a heart of gold and the guts to fight for what’s right! And a crutch – which always comes in handy for caving in undead noggins.

RJ Mitte entertains the Undead Response Unit shortly before their inevitable demise at the hands of the zombie horde.

RJ Mitte entertains the Undead Response Unit shortly before their inevitable demise at the hands of the zombie horde.

These weren’t just any zombies either. At the Zombie Battle Experience in London, you have to fight off cockney zombies. With dates available on weekends throughout December 2014 and January, February and March 2015 – the Zombie Battle Experience takes place in a secret bunker, full of dead EastEnders who would love nothing more to have a right old knees-up with your BRAINS.

But fear not! You get trained (a bit) before you’re thrown into the midst of battle. We’ll even give you weapons and dress you up like a soldier, which will immediately make you 57.3% better at killing zombies than if you went in wearing flip-flops and carrying a banana.

"Walt Jr! Your mate's been turned into a zombie!"

“Walt Jr! Your mate’s been turned into a zombie!”

Will Walt Jr. be there to help out ? We’re afraid not – but there will be another hero to help rid the world of the undead scourge. You!

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