YouTuber BriBry Tries Indoor Skydiving

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In his erstwhile attempt to tick off as many things as humanly possible from his bucket list, YouTube superstar BriBryonTour (@BriBryontour if you are Twitlerate) and his beautifully coiffured friend Jason allowed us to take them for a spot of Indoor Skydiving.

For the uninitiated, Indoor Skydiving is skydiving indoors. Or, to explain it in ways that are actually useful, rather than heading quite swiftly downwards from a big plane in the sky, you are blasted upwards by a giant fan thing and float about like a discarded Subway sandwich wrapper caught in an updraught.

As you can see from the videotaped results presented below, BriBry had a fabulous time, despite the intervention of his legs. Plus, there’s the added bonus of seeing his forehead for the first time anywhere on the planet! Take that The One Show!

Tell the young man exactly how you feel about his exploits by visiting his small, delightful section of the YouTube site RIGHT HERE. Has all that falling upwards in a jumpsuit got you hot and bothered? Book your own Indoor Skydiving funfest ON THIS BIT

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