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You see? We told you we were great, why didn’t you believe us? Despite your disturbing lack of faith, the good, nay great, folks at Web User (dedicated to those who ‘use’ the ‘web’) and New Media Age (because this is the age of New Media) have decided to recognise our very niceness. Web User quite rightly gave us a five star review and considered us the website of the fortnight (that’s two whole weeks, which doesn’t sound like much but imagine having the hiccups for that long, then I think you can appreciate the success). See what they said OVER HERE. New Media Age scoured our site like virtual Health and Safety Inspectors standing beside a dodgy Waltzer and deemed us  to have ‘strong content’ and ‘seamless choosing experience’. Here is their fine, fine report RIGHT HERE Thanks to both for their plaudits and if we gave out awards, you can be sure we’d have you both on the red carpet. See for yourself and take a look at our great range of experiences RIGHT HERE.

Zombie Boot Camp on Discovery Channel

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Not everyone has to grind through the 9-5. New DMAX series Forbidden explores the strange and wonderful jobs people do – and the first episode features some of the folks that help our Zombie Boot Camp come to life. The segment on Zombie Boot Camp  features one of our zombie actors Rob Hall and make-up artist Zoe McCutcheon talking about their unusual work. With behind the scenes access and interviews with our zombie horde, you’ll see how we put together our awesome, immersive experiences. The show also looks at how Zombie Boot Camp has become popular people all over the world, with people travelling from every corner of the Earth to the UK, just to be part of the zombie apocalypse.  Forbidden’s first showing is at 10pm on DMAX, Tuesday 4th of November.

How To Become A YouTube Millionaire Today

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Last year, 24 year old Felix Kjellberg made $4 million from playing video games. To be more precise, Felix made $4 million from playing video games really badly. Known as PewDiePie online, millions of YouTube users love the camp, crazy commentary Kjellberg comes up with as he sword-fights with Minecraft zombies or screams like a girl playing Silent Hill. Over 30 million people subscribe to his PewDiePie channel, making it the most popular on YouTube. So – yeah. $4 million. You’re probably thinking, like us, “I play video games really badly! I sound a bit stupid when I talk! Maybe I can make a fortune on YouTube.” Well, that’s true, you could. But there’s one big difference between us and Felix. He’s actually doing it. Want to be the next YouTube millionaire? We talk to people who know exactly how to get you there. Show Me the Money In May 2007, YouTube launched its “Partner Program”. Under this initiative, popular YouTubers were able, for the first time, to run advertising on their videos. At first, it was a shadowy, secretive feature – with YouTube cherry-picking popular uploaders for its program. In 2012, the service was opened to everyone. Party time. YouTube has been…

Doctor Who: How To Be More Like The Timelord

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How to be more like The Doctor

He’s over two thousand years old, travels through space and time in a wooden box and is always the smartest person in the room. Who wouldn’t want to be more like the Doctor? Coming back to the telly box this Saturday, Doctor Who is now in its 51st year – with a title character who could teach us a thing or two about how to live a life more interesting. While we don’t know exactly what Peter Capaldi’s twelfth Doctor will be like yet, we can speculate. His face changes every few years, but he’s always the Doctor; an eccentric mass of compassion, cleverness and contradiction. These constants make him a truly fantastic hero – and a realistic role model. You don’t need a police call box that’s bigger on the inside or two hearts to be a better, less boring, more adventurous you. Let’s count down the ways you can be a bit more like the Doctor. The Doctor is never cowardly or cruel Former script editor and Doctor Who writer Terrance Dicks was first to describe the titular time lord as “never cowardly or cruel”. Those words were used again as the Doctor’s motto in the 50th anniversary…

Self-Help Advice From Alan Partridge

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Do you long to be more interesting? A charisma leviathan, part man, part God? There can be only one blueprint. Norfolk’s answer to Jesus of Nazareth, Alan Partridge. Some say Partridge is a fictional character played by comedian Steve Coogan in several series, some TV specials and a mildly disappointing film, but we say those people are crazy. How could anyone invent Alan Partridge? Except, perhaps, a genius mind like Nietzsche, Kant or Jilly Cooper. Partridge is both the everyman and the ubermensch. Women want to be him and men want be him with the women who want to be with him. How could you, a normal man, with a man’s courage, ever be like Partridge? Well, we’ve been studying the formula and we’ve broken it down in our laboratory to seven component parts. Gentlemen and strange ladies, here’s how you can be more like Alan Partridge in seven steps of varying difficulty. And to top it off, we’ve got a collection of Alan Partridge’s best clips. 1. Be a ladies man Though divorced from the love of his life Carol, who bore him children Fernando and Denise, Partridge doesn’t let that cramp his bachelor style. At one time, between…

Get Your Calendar

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Dates. The endless, vile. pointless tyranny of dates. I mean, who really knows what the actual date is? Back in the old days, do you think they were keeping such a tight grip on that sort of thing? ‘What year is it? 1126?’ ‘I thought it was 1304’ ‘Oh really? I’ll go with that then. I’ve got the plague anyway, so who cares?’ That was a typical conversation undertaken by illuminated calendar makers back in the Dark Ages. Depressing isn’t it? Which is why, here at, we can never understand why we all have to wait until the end of the year to get our hands on a bumptious and sublime new calendar, with that refreshing new calendar smell. UMMMMMMMMMMMMM. I can’t get enough of it. I mean, what’s the point? If those bumpkins from earlier weren’t keeping a handle of these this stuff then it could easily be 2017, 2155 or 2499 in reality. Yes, we could be in the future, which may explain why I have all this foil attached to me. So why not DOWNLOAD and DISPLAY this exciting new date-gorged enterprise from us. It’s a NEW calendar you can start using right now and which…

The Amazing 2014/15 Calendar

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A calendar? In March?! Let us explain; before the world was full of microwavable sushi and Michael McIntyre, we used to have a year that started in March and ended in March. Not the same March, the next March. Then the Romans, or somebody, came along and mucked it all up and suddenly we needed a special rhyme to keep the lengths of the months straight. Disgusting. But because we like old fashioned things and because we didn’t manage to get our proper calendar to the printers in time at the end of last year, we’ve put together this completely unique March to March Olde Englysh Calendrific Device, brimming with special dates and notable occurrences like Insurance Awareness Day (June 28th), Golf Month (August) and Danny DeVito’s birthday (look it up). Just click on this outstanding link: DOWNLOAD THE CALENDAR NOW And there you will see the whole thing in glorious PDF-O-Vision. Just print it off right there and then or right click and download it to peruse at a later date. No longer will you have to rely on clumsy abacuses or sun dials to work out that ‘time of the month’, now it’s right there spread out in…

Thrilling Helicopter Video Thrill!

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Chopper. Whirlybird. Skyplane. No matter what you call a helicopter, there is one thing you can be sure of. They are very thrilling. How thrilling? How about thriller writer Frederick Forsyth performing all of Michael Jackson’s Thriller while on a tightrope THAT’S ON FIRE! That is only half as thrilling as a helicopter. Especially when this particular helicopter is a a-scooping and a-swooping over the buildings, pigeons and congestion charges of the greatest capital city in the whole country. London Town. So great that Wings named an album after it. So large it now has three football clubs within it. So historic it makes you physically sick. Yes, that probably sounds pretty nice. But I can tell you want proof. Actual proof that riding in a helicopter over London is in some way thrilling. Well here it is in all it’s cinematic glory. We just filmed, edited and rendered this amazing video showing what it’s like to head out on one of our incredible London helicopter experiences. Take a cockpit eye’s view of the incredible sights and thoroughly iconic views you encounter while you are zapping about up there. You can see the video below and if it’s whetted your…

YouTuber BriBry Tries Indoor Skydiving

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In his erstwhile attempt to tick off as many things as humanly possible from his bucket list, YouTube superstar BriBryonTour (@BriBryontour if you are Twitlerate) and his beautifully coiffured friend Jason allowed us to take them for a spot of Indoor Skydiving. For the uninitiated, Indoor Skydiving is skydiving indoors. Or, to explain it in ways that are actually useful, rather than heading quite swiftly downwards from a big plane in the sky, you are blasted upwards by a giant fan thing and float about like a discarded Subway sandwich wrapper caught in an updraught. As you can see from the videotaped results presented below, BriBry had a fabulous time, despite the intervention of his legs. Plus, there’s the added bonus of seeing his forehead for the first time anywhere on the planet! Take that The One Show! Tell the young man exactly how you feel about his exploits by visiting his small, delightful section of the YouTube site RIGHT HERE. Has all that falling upwards in a jumpsuit got you hot and bothered? Book your own Indoor Skydiving funfest ON THIS BIT.  And check out BriBry having a bit of a bash at our SWAT Training from a while…

Big in Taiwan: “The Borderless World” Vs Zombies

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If there is one thing we pride ourselves on here at, it’s the hand of friendship we show to any visitors from foreign lands who come to sample our wares. So when Kena Tsang and the gang from The Borderless World, Taiwan’s answer to Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, popped over to look at Zombie Manor House and Zombie Boot Camp, we provided them with the same experience as everyone enjoys. And as you can see in the picture of Kena, she reacted in as many have reacted. With sheer, blood-draining horror. Unlike most of our other customers, she then appeared on Saturday night telly to tell millions of viewers across Asia about the funny things English people do for kicks. While interviewing a professional zombie… Thanks to Kena and the crew, we hope we have made the world slightly more borderless with our actions. Hope to have you guys back soon!