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Tatler Reports on Zombie Shopping Mall

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Focusing on the finer things of life, Tatler is a magazine that has been showcasing glamour and high society since 1901. SO WHY THE FLIP ARE WE IN THERE!?! No, we’re not part of Cressida’s Crew (though a boy can dream). The magnificent Emma Kennedy aka @EmmaK67 visited our fabulous Zombie Shopping Mall in Reading. And it sounds like she quite enjoyed it: Try and imagine the most fun you have ever had, times it by 10, add a trillion – and, even then, it doesn’t come close to the awesomeness of this amazing day out.” That’s pretty positive, thank you Emma K! Read her review in an online capacity RIGHT HERE And get yourself to Zombie Shopping Mall UP IN HERE And if anyone from Horse & Hound, Yachts International and The Robb Report fancy having a go, drop us a line. We’re getting all fancy!

Zombies on Big Brother with Rob Hall

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Our favourite professional zombie Mr. Rob Hall aka @CaptainKindling recently made a very special appearance at the Big Brother house! Much like the Charlie Brooker penned mini-series Dead Set, zombies descended on the housemates to provide a rude, and scary, awakening. And it couldn’t come at more apt time as it’s exactly a year since Rob vanquished the competition and reigned supreme at our Zombie Auditions extravaganza. Rob told us: “It was a fairly out of the blue experience! I didn’t know what the job was until I got there, and couldn’t talk about it until the air date… “I’d have to say it’s closely tied with the GiffGaff advert as the biggest achievement of my undead career so far! And the fact that it’s pretty much a year to the day since the auditions makes it a nice way to mark how much and how bizzarrely (in a good way) my life’s changed in the last 12 months.” Read all about the Big Brother Zombie Invasion RIGHT HERE and take a look behind the scenes OVER HERE. Read an interview with Rob about his zombie life and times ON THE BLOG and relive those amazing zombie auditions ON THIS…

The Wonderful World of Twitter #JournoRequest

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Twitter can be used for many wondrous things: veiled threats, overt threats, passive-aggressive threats… But it also an excellent tool for those looking for journalists’ and the like, who try to find unsuspecting rubes to illustrate their article on ‘Why I Smell and I’m Proud Of It’ on the social media network using the #journorequest hashtag. But amongst the desperate, deadline-compromising pleas are some excellent spoofs, pastiches and giggleblips, as well as legitimate ones that are too abstract to be believed. The excitable @Brainmage hurts all of our minds with this superb combination of astro-surrealism and the magically mundane: Can anyone help find an early 20th Century Bellhop who travelled through time in order to battle intergalactic mindviruses? #journorequest — Guy (@Brainmage) March 6, 2013 Some tell a baffling little story all on their own: #journorequest If said Spam Javelin broke in 2 mid-flight, all the better. After reaction, thoughts, feelings etcs… It’s for a thing — Morgan Colohan (@Morgans_Plinth) March 6, 2013 A few have a vague air of truth about them. I’m sure I saw this show on Channel 4. It was part of the ‘Body Gosh’ series: #journorequest Looking for people who collect Goblin vacuum cleaners for…

Watch our Wacky Racers Experience!

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Look, you know we’re wacky right? Isn’t it obvious? Check out these trousers – just look at them. Look at their size and colour and those braces. Wacky. But did you know we even race wacky? To prove it we visited our Wacky Racing experience and filmed it in a way that only a wacky person can… Has all that wackiness whetted your appetite for some Wacky Racing of your own. That delights us like a pelican with a halibut. Book you own experience RIGHT HERE.

Eamonn Holmes Talks “Mile High Club” on This Morning

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Wake the town, tell the people! A showbiz insider (read: Laura’s mum) tipped us off that Mr Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford were discussing our Luxury Mile High Club on the This Morning sofa today. The video clip is available for the next few days on ITV Player (Skip to 11 minutes 20 seconds in). We’d like to take this opportunity to extend an open invitation to Eamonn & Ruth, should they wish to test drive our flights for themselves. Just give us the nod, and we’ll get you booked in. Here’s what The Twitters said… My hometown, the delightful Farnborough, and our quaint little airport is offering people to join the Mile High Club for £5,000 — Louise Chadwick (@loulouchad_) March 1, 2013 In case you missed it, here’s what the Daily Mail and Canada’s National Post had to say about our Mile High Club experience last month. Full details – including how to book – are over here. Meanwhile, watch this space – we’ve some very exciting Mile High news early next week…

Just You, Us & 100m+ TV Viewers…

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Want to appear on TV in 100+ countries? We’ve been approached by a SUPER FAMOUS international TV company, who are making a documentary about people with extreme hobbies. They love our Riot Training experience and want to make an episode about it. We’ve a strictly limited number of places still available for the session we’re filming, so we’re looking for people (18+) who are happy to be interviewed for TV. We’re shooting on Sunday 10 March, just outside Birmingham. Tickets will cost £25. Interested? Either drop us an email or leave a comment and tell us why we should pick you…

We Gots the Book Smarts!

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  Just because you’ve never seen us with a book and that one time we did pick up a book we opened it the wrong way before bursting into tears and hurling it across the room, doesn’t mean we don’t like books. We love books, especially the lovely, wonderful people at Orion Books who were sweet enough to give readers of Erica James‘ bestseller The Hidden Cottage (spoiler alert: they find the cottage) a chance to win one of our amazing Dove Spa Bliss Packages. But it’s not just small holding based fiction that we’re all about. To celebrate the release of Robert Wilson’s crime drama Capital Punishment, we offered subscribers of Orion’s newsletter the opportunity to win a theatre break in London including a meal! With two courses! But it ain’t just book learning types who can enjoy these marvellous experiences. Book your own Dove Spa Sheer Bliss Package RIGHT HERE or a marvellous theatre break UP IN HERE.

Zombie Battle London on TOWIE Tonight…

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Wowie Zowie, it’s that TV show about Essex! To celebrate the amazing appearance of the brave The Only Way is Essex boys and girls at our Zombie Battle London experience, we’ve all gone a bit TOWIE crazy at Wish HQ. We’re slightly more tanned, there are many more vowels crammed into very word we utter and we’ve had practically every body part jazzled. All you need to do is head over and checkout our Zombie Battle London experience (or our other zombie experiences around the UK). See you at 10pm on ITV2!

YouTube Superstars go SWAT Training

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Apparently there’s new-fangled thing called the YouTube, which is what everyone does now rather than go to the pictures. It’s all beyond us I’m afraid, I haven’t seen any evidence of it on my Commodore 64. But in a desperate attempt to harness some street cred, we sent along some of these wild YouTube devotees to take part in our exciting SWAT training. There were mixed results… Here is the wondrous Alex Day aka Nerimon aka @thatAlexDay, who had trouble with his helmet: Here’s the fabulous Carrie Fetcher aka ItsWayPastMyBedTime aka @CarrieHFletcher making grown men cry: And last but not least, the sumptuous Danny Hooper aka danmann44 aka @themanofdann having trouser trouble: Thanks to them all for being so awesome and book your own SWAT Training experience RIGHT HERE.

Chris Moyles on Zombie Auditions

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Did you hear Mr Moyles and his crazy gang of miscreants as they turned their collected razor sharp wit onto our Zombie Auditions during the Radio 1 Breakfast Show? We’re hunting for a new member of our zombie task force to zombie it up at Zombie Manor House and have put out the call in various news outlets. Well it tickled Chris good and proper and he discussed at length the whys and wherefores of zombie employment, though we have no idea what all the sanitary towel comments were. And if you fancy a bit yourself, book your own Zombie Manor House adventure OVER HERE.