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There have been some great noises in British game show history. There was ‘vverrrrriiinnngggg’ buzzer sound on Catchphrase with Roy Walker, the ‘Mer-neep neep neep’ at the end of the round on Mastermind and the ‘bellowing ‘Merrrr-herrrrr’ noise that Bully made on Bullseye whenever he got excited. But surely the most iconic game show sound in history is the Family Fortunes ‘EH-ERRR’! It has now entered our lexicon as an indicator of the incorrect. Well, we at are proud to edge ever so slightly closer to that noise and also to the wondrous form of Vernon Kay by providing a few exciting prizes for the contestants on the next series of All Star Family Fortunes. So if you happen to be watching, keep an eye out for our Half Day Sailing and our Slicks and Spokes Raceday at Goodwood. And you can fully expect the studio audience to release a large ‘oooohhhhh’ at the very mention of their names. And do you you remember when we did a similar thing for the excellent Tipping Point? If not, you can remind yourself HERE, but we are also giving them some prizes for the next series too. Clay Pigeon Shooting and…

Our Zombies in ITV’s Whitechapel…?

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We know what you are thinking. “Big deal, your zombies were hanging out in a slightly fashionable part of East London, possibly visiting the renowned Whitechapel Gallery or picking up some niche cheese at Spitalfields Market”. No, you big lemon, not IN Whitechapel but ON Whitechapel – the hit ITV crime drama starring Chalky from Quadrophenia and Herr Lipp! In the series, people tend to get flayed and our erstwhile detectives have to find out who has done the flaying. And just when they think they’ve nabbed the flayer, somebody else gets flayed. So where do our zombies encroach? We’d better not say for fear of people shouting SPOILER ALERT at us in that way that people do these days. But you can see them, including our hero and confidante Rob Hall, on Wednesday 2nd October on ITV at 9pm – or after that via ITVplayer HERE. If all these zombie shenanigans have got you hot and bothered, take a peek at our plethora of zombie bashing adventures RIGHT HERE on ITV’s Tipping Point

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Obviously you are all glued to ITV’s latest game show extravaganza Tipping Point, featuring Ben Shephard and a trio of celebrities trying to outwit a devious machine for charity. But did you know, your favourite experience merchant, was involved? Due to our near-frightening devotion to all things Shephard and our love of puzzles, we were delighted to contribute items such as our Theatre Dinner for Two and some exquisite Clay Pigeon Shooting as prizes for the show. You can catch the wondrous Ben and witness his delightful Tipping Point, Sundays on ITV 1 or watch it on catch up HERE. Here’s how it looked as our name actually appeared on national television. We were so proud…  And here’s the man who won it. Look how happy he is! His name is Vic!

Big in Taiwan: “The Borderless World” Vs Zombies

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If there is one thing we pride ourselves on here at, it’s the hand of friendship we show to any visitors from foreign lands who come to sample our wares. So when Kena Tsang and the gang from The Borderless World, Taiwan’s answer to Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, popped over to look at Zombie Manor House and Zombie Boot Camp, we provided them with the same experience as everyone enjoys. And as you can see in the picture of Kena, she reacted in as many have reacted. With sheer, blood-draining horror. Unlike most of our other customers, she then appeared on Saturday night telly to tell millions of viewers across Asia about the funny things English people do for kicks. While interviewing a professional zombie… Thanks to Kena and the crew, we hope we have made the world slightly more borderless with our actions. Hope to have you guys back soon!

Leonardo DiCaprio Flyboards in Ibiza…

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  After all the trouble he had with that Titanic malarky, you’d think Leonardo DiCaprio wouldn’t be heading back into the water any time soon. But a mere 16 years after drawing that lady like one of his French girls, he’s braved the briny deep again, when he partook in a spot of Flyboarding on a water jetpack in Ibiza. Accompanied, according to the report,s by someone SHIRTLESS and someone else BIKINI-CLAD, Leo appeared to love jetting high above the waves powered by a high-density aquatic spurt and nerves of steel. But, I hear you all cry, why are you tormenting us so? It has been well reported in a number of tabloid newspapers and high-level blog posts that the Flyboarding Experience sold out long ago, which is why we presume Mr. DiCaprio had to travel all the way to Ibiza to get some on. Be tormented no more, as it just so happens our Flyboarding bonanza is back AND in full effect. Now you, just like old Mr Film Star Man over there, can strap on a pair of magical Jet Boots and scoot high over the waters in an adventure described as both ‘thrilling’ and ‘damp’. And…

Zombie Blitz 1940 – The Video!

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Yes, you can simply imagine our fabulous new Zombie Blitz 1940 experience using the crevices and electrical impulses of your fleshy mind. But, even more impressively, you can now SEE various moments from this thrilling World War II based horror adventure thanks to the rather nifty video available below. As you will see, there’s quite a bit of shouting, running, overhead lighting and various bits of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. And so much more. If this taster of the undead revivingspooky accented thrill-fest housed in the tunnels beneath Waterloo Station has got you salivating like a haughty Danish prince outside a fancy cane shop, you can book and look for yourself RIGHT HERE And view this and other exciting videos on this new YouTube thing we keep hearing about ON THIS ONE

Tatler Reports on Zombie Shopping Mall

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Focusing on the finer things of life, Tatler is a magazine that has been showcasing glamour and high society since 1901. SO WHY THE FLIP ARE WE IN THERE!?! No, we’re not part of Cressida’s Crew (though a boy can dream). The magnificent Emma Kennedy aka @EmmaK67 visited our fabulous Zombie Shopping Mall in Reading. And it sounds like she quite enjoyed it: Try and imagine the most fun you have ever had, times it by 10, add a trillion – and, even then, it doesn’t come close to the awesomeness of this amazing day out.” That’s pretty positive, thank you Emma K! Read her review in an online capacity RIGHT HERE And get yourself to Zombie Shopping Mall UP IN HERE And if anyone from Horse & Hound, Yachts International and The Robb Report fancy having a go, drop us a line. We’re getting all fancy!

We’ve Heard of Slow Moving Zombies, But This is Ridiculous

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Remember about a year ago when we had auditions for zombies at Pineapple Dance Studios? You do? Well these guys didn’t. Uber zombie fan [name redacted] saw the ad and decided to apply. She got decked out in her most hideous undead garb and headed down to London. But there was one small problem. We’ll let them tell the rest of the story… “‘My sister and I saw the advertisement for Zombie Auditions. Greatly excited and knowing that the 28th of June was shortly coming up, we booked our tickets from Manchester to London and did our make-up on the train. “We got to Pineapple studios only to be told we were a year too late! Being Zombie fanatics, we were disappointed with ourselves for making such a big mistake, more so because we couldn’t show off our Zombie make-up, our Zombie moves and weren’t going to work as Zombies!!! “We couldn’t enjoy the rest of our day in London. Just glumly sat on the Thames eating sausage rolls (not peoples fingers) until our train back home. We thought we’re not going to let this be the last of our Zombies, so we decided to get in contact following our Zombie…

Zombies on Big Brother with Rob Hall

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Our favourite professional zombie Mr. Rob Hall aka @CaptainKindling recently made a very special appearance at the Big Brother house! Much like the Charlie Brooker penned mini-series Dead Set, zombies descended on the housemates to provide a rude, and scary, awakening. And it couldn’t come at more apt time as it’s exactly a year since Rob vanquished the competition and reigned supreme at our Zombie Auditions extravaganza. Rob told us: “It was a fairly out of the blue experience! I didn’t know what the job was until I got there, and couldn’t talk about it until the air date… “I’d have to say it’s closely tied with the GiffGaff advert as the biggest achievement of my undead career so far! And the fact that it’s pretty much a year to the day since the auditions makes it a nice way to mark how much and how bizzarrely (in a good way) my life’s changed in the last 12 months.” Read all about the Big Brother Zombie Invasion RIGHT HERE and take a look behind the scenes OVER HERE. Read an interview with Rob about his zombie life and times ON THE BLOG and relive those amazing zombie auditions ON THIS…

Zombie Blitz 1940 Launch Party

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We crammed a whole bunch of quivering journos and VIPs into the tunnels under Waterloo station to experience one of the most terrifying, unique and below-the-belt clechingest evenings any of them had even braved. They were a few of the lucky (?) ones to face Zombie Blitz 1940, a totally new, completely original horror experience combining war, history, dead things and enclosed spaces. Here’s some of the reactions… @wishcouk it was an adrenaline inducing once in a lifetime experience 🙂 you might say it was… FUNDEAD! — Azeem Mustafa (@Django_Chutney) June 27, 2013 Survived the @wishcouk Zombie Blitz 1940. A zombie bit @marcusgipps but @jon_weir just bit him straight back. Then we drank beer. Good times — Graeme Williams (@grayorion) June 27, 2013   @KaniKaniKaniza Want! wantwantwant!! — Avalon (@All4Av) June 27, 2013 And if we can scare a bunch of seasoned media types, used to dealing with all the terror that cats in bins and the name of Kim and Kanye’s child has to offer, then it’s probably going to scare you too. Set in Blitz blitzed London town, a hideous experiment has gone wrong and some formerly dead German soldiers might not be as dead as previous…