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Till Death Do Us Part…

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It was a nice day for a fright wedding, as Billy Idol almost, nearly sang. Just for a change of pace, the streets of central London witnessed a phalanx of sickly, groaning, near-human figures, as bride and groom horror aficionados Jennifer Jones and Rob Blackmore from Stockport tied the knot in full zombie regalia. After beating out a slew of other prospective living dead couples, they won a competition from the makers of video game Dead Island Riptide to throw the biggest matrimonial monster bash the capital has ever seen. Just watch this wedding video and see if it doesn’t have the tears rolling down your grotesque, scab-addled faces. Bride, groom, priest and 250 members of the congregation were all zombiefied – eventually resembling some hideous knees-up in a post-nuclear apocalyptic nether world. There was further trouble at the reception where no one could tell where the party’s running sores stopped and the running buffet started. But we wish all the luck in the world to these ghoulie-weds and let’s hope we’ll soon here the shuffle of little zombie feet.

Zombie Shopping Mall: Back in Stock… [Limited Availablity]

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Zombie Shopping Mall – the world’s most famous zombie experience – is back on sale. We have a limited number of tickets available as we speak (less than 100), and will have a similar number each month going forwards. Don’t miss out – buy your tickets over here. Last time we had a fresh batch, we sold out in 24 hours. We expect this lot to go pronto too. If you can still see “add to basket”, we’ve still got tickets. Not familiar with the wondeful world of Zombie Shopping Mall? Head over here to see Jamie Oliver at the Mall and over here to see what The Sun said about it. PS. You choose your date *after* you buy yours tickets. We’ve good availability from June onwards!

Mile High Club: The Sun Has The World’s First Review…

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Our ‘Luxury Mile High Club’ gets its wings… We’ve had a flurry of interest in our Luxury Mile High Club when we launched, most recently from ITV’s This Morning. To recap, we’re offering a UK first – the once-in-a-lifetime chance to join the Mile High Club in your very own private jet. One booking enquiry came from the UK’s top tabloid (and zombie newspaper of record) The Sun. They asked to get ex-Loaded editor Martin Daubney and his missus booked in pronto to see what all the fuss was about – and, crucially, to answer the question on everybody’s lips: “is it worth five thousand smackers?”. Martin’s verdict? “[It] might not be great for the greens — but by Jove it was great for the groans.” Read the full writeup here and get booked in here. PS. Since you can’t make it out so well in The Sun photos, here’s what their trophy says… Thanks also to Jonathan Pow for the tremendous photographs on the day – take a look at more photos from the shoot here.

New Zombie TV Series: BBC3’s In The Flesh

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BBC3 are screening a new zombie-themed drama this month. It’s called In The Flesh, and they’ve been kind enough to offer us a preview to share with our zombie-loving hoards. Set after the zombie uprising, In The Flesh tells the story of zombie teenager Kieren, and his return to his family and home town after zombie rehab. Yes, you read right – zombie rehab. Zombies now carry the politically-correct tag ‘PDS sufferers’ (Partially Deceased Syndrome, don’t-cha-know), and the government have passed legislation demanding tolerance and acceptance like any minority group (dead or undead). Here’s the trailer… What do you reckon? Let us know in the comments… In The Flesh is on BBC3 on 17 March at 10pm. Look out for more teasers on Twitter at @BBC3.

Just You, Us & 100m+ TV Viewers…

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Want to appear on TV in 100+ countries? We’ve been approached by a SUPER FAMOUS international TV company, who are making a documentary about people with extreme hobbies. They love our Riot Training experience and want to make an episode about it. We’ve a strictly limited number of places still available for the session we’re filming, so we’re looking for people (18+) who are happy to be interviewed for TV. We’re shooting on Sunday 10 March, just outside Birmingham. Tickets will cost £25. Interested? Either drop us an email or leave a comment and tell us why we should pick you…

“Warm Bodies” Launch at Zombie Battle London

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New zombie flick Warm Bodies, starring Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer, is released on 8 February… Dubbed a “zombie romance”, the narrator is a zombie inhabiting a post-apocalyptic America destroyed by decades of war and disasters, ending in a mysterious zombie plague. You’ll find the trailer over here. The lovely people behind Warm Bodies thought it’a launch at Zombie Battle London would be a nice idea. And who are we to disgree? Take a look at the photo gallery over on our really-rather-splendid Facebook page. Be sure to give us a “Like” whilst you’re over there.

The Mayan Money Back Guarantee

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The weather’s iffy, the economy continues to tank and Paul McCartney is fronting Nirvana… It can only mean one thing: the Mayans were right! It’s the end of the world. Pesky pre-Colombians predicted that armageddon would occur on or around 21 December 2012, with cataclysmic nasties befalling us due to a number of astrological phenomena and foil-hat type notions. So you’re probably thinking, in the event of total global annihilation, how are my consumer rights affected? Good question. Post-apocalyptic receipts will be singed and torn, while the BBC’s Watchdog may not be airing at all. Worry not, customers – we’ve proud to announce the world’s first Mayan Money Back Guarantee. If the Mesoamerican predictions prove accurate and we’re all doomed to fiery, rubble-based annihilation, your wonderful experience day won’t be affected. If you can prove that your world has ended (camera phone footage will do), we’ll provide you with a full refund. Simply contact the survivors at using any rudimentary communication devices, and we’ll refund you in the appropriate new Earth currency. Ask the elders of your new mutant community for help if your hands have turned into something less practical. The end of the world doesn’t have…

The Truth About Our Riot Training Experience…

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Been living under a tree without access to either the Daily Mail or ITV News? Then you might have missed the fuss about our Riot Training experience, which is – quite literally – all the rage. Now, unlike much of the press coverage would have you believe, you train as a riot cop. You’ll learn the mysteries, intrigues and fundamental steps of basic riot control will be revealed, including who runs at who, good/bad things to wave about and which way up to hold your riot shield. You will not, for the avoidance of doubt, be training on how to riot (obviously). Inciting a riot is a criminal offence in the UK, and people go to jail for jokes on Twitter/Facebook. You’ve been warned. Which didn’t stop the local MP making the following statement… “After last summer’s riots, we should certainly not being helping people to understand how to riot better – but that appears to be exactly what’s happening in Worcestershire right now.” Ho hum. Tickets will set you back a mere £79, and the experience takes part in Droitwich, near Birmingham. We’ve also got our mitts on the brand new promo video… …which is also available on YouTubes…. Turns One!

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Hurrah, they said it couldn’t be done, but we survived out first year! Take that naysayers! As fully fledged one year-olds we now plan to spend our time using the big boy potty, toddling into painful table edges and really getting into competitive baby fighting. There will be loads of great new experiences and other amazing stuff to look out for in the coming months so stare obsessively at our WEBSITE. Never alter your gaze, simply keep staring at the screen. To celebrate this incredible achievement, the team went off for a relaxing spot of SWAT Training. The results were mixed, as you can witness here: So hurrah and congratulations to us!

Zombie Auditions: The Best of YouTube

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It seems an extraordinary amount of people have the desire to slather themselves with make-up, distribute gore liberally over their personages and wander around a manor house scaring the essential essences out of members of the general public. The response to our Zombie auditions announcement can be described in one or possibly two words: overwhelming. (Ah, looks like it’s one). Tons of you shuffled down to the Pineapple Studios in London to try out, stunning the citizens of Soho who were not used to seeing people dressed in an unusual way. But those who were trapped in the outer reaches of the UK and couldn’t attend sent us videos instead. Here’s a smattering of the best ones from our YouTube channel… YouTube Audition #1: Stella Gaynor Stella went the well known ‘bunny shaker’ route… YouTube Audition #2: Sophie Mitchell We liked Sophie’s use of a hedge… YouTube Audition #3: Zombie of the Manor ‘Zombie of the Manor’ certainly has the right name to become a Manor Zombie… YouTube Audition #4: Sarah Van Dyke All we can think is ‘what’s in the box?’ YouTube Audition #5: Chris Eaten We call this one the ‘confused butcher’ YouTube Audition #6: Ian Stewart Ahhh,…