National Stereotypes: What Subject Is Your Country Obsessed With?

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Ah, abroad. That magical place where crisps have comically lavatorial names, where umlauts run free and where all Eurovision winners come from.

When it comes to foreign lands, we know where they are, what weird money they use and who the latest El Presidente is. But what makes them tick? What is going on in those hilariously hatted heads of theirs? What are their obsessions? Their drives? Their mating habits?

We visited every country on the planet, undertook months of painstaking interviews and spent hours and hours in many nation’s libraries and centres of excellence. But then we accidentally deleted the results while trying to download that video of the cat being sick on the other cat.

Instead we went on Google, typed in a few keywords and quickly knocked this Infographic together. Enjoy!

And if you want it to, you can! Just use the code beneath it to stick it wherever you like.